Greg Gutfeld: Musk’s Twitter deal has employees drowning in their tears

Published on October 28, 2022

‘Gutfeld!’ guests discuss Elon Musk taking control of Twitter after the $44 billion deal closed. #foxnews #fox #gutfeld

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  • clayton delanie 1 year ago

    I always suspected Jerry Nadler was pregers.

  • Sharon Muz 1 year ago

    Oh Kat good point.

  • hughheckler 1 year ago

    Good zing!! Lol

  • Frank Blackcrow 1 year ago

    I wonder what jobs they will get now, after they were doing what they did at Twitter to the people they think will hire them… those Indian telemarketers might be hiring.
    But that they will need to be fact checked first to see if they’re actually the right people for the job… the thing that Twitter never did to start with.

  • Entropy wins 1 year ago

    I never had a twitter account and I don’t plan to get one But I am loving this Circus.

  • nomasker 1 year ago

    As Ted Knight would say , on Caddyshack – ” You’ll get nothing and like it “

  • phat walt 1 year ago

    Kudos to Kat for that letter signing ( 04:35 ) insight.

  • Ziplokk 1 year ago

    1:45….Those are basic tenants of a civilized society and that group demanding it is steeped in irony considering what the company (they) did to people who posted stuff they disagreed with and then received the opposite in treatment of those 4 tenants…. They are now reduced for everyone to see, the sniveling cowards they really are, who were hiding behind the protections of corporate tyranny slanted in their favor…

  • Rick Booher 1 year ago

    My thought they didn’t mind cancel people out which is similar to be fired. Therefore my feeling are now you know how it feels to be rejected you get in return want you sowed. Karma IS A B-TCH, so get use to it you made others lives bad and shut them out, so now it had come home to roost upon you by coming back to hit you square in the you know where!!!! So long Farewell, Avida Sane, Good Night, much like the song goes from the Sound of Music.

  • Andy R 1 year ago

    You guys don’t seem to like Twitter much. Why didn’t you just use Truth Social?

  • Buster Noggins 1 year ago

    It’s a blue wave of liberal tears !

  • kittychan gonzales 1 year ago

    Long live elon musk god bless the righteous

  • Thomas Miles 1 year ago

    Gretta is liberal joke


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