Gutfeld: Are identity politics behind Biden’s delay of menthol cigarette ban?

Published on December 9, 2023

‘Gutfeld!’ host Greg Gutfeld and his panel react to Democrats’ latest identity politics conundrum. #foxnews #gutfeld

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  • @AndyTempleman-ot6lu 3 months ago

    Dump Trump just like all cigarettes!

  • @89firebird 3 months ago

    Stone Cold corrupt politician

  • @themanonmars 3 months ago

    Tbh if they banned Newports in Chicago half the population would die

  • @Space_Debris 3 months ago

    Useless White racist Democrats, “See our gift to you for not fulfilling this threat.”

  • @JasonKing12348 3 months ago

    *Update: Gaza hospitals running dangerously low on ammunition*

  • @johnnydarko2736 3 months ago

    Take my menthol and I’ll take ya wife bicca, and I didn’t mean ya ol lady.

  • @jconner3891 3 months ago

    Gregg is always throwing a tantrum. Embarrassing

  • @frommycolddeadhands1976 3 months ago

    Isn’t that racist?
    They still have watermelon vapes

  • @Mariner311 3 months ago

    Amusing – I’m smoking a Marlboro 100 (Red) as I watched. Started in the 1980s – in Navy Boot Camp – you ONLY got a Smoke Break if you were SMOKING . I’ve quit a few times, and started back – I’m 60 years old and can outrun most 30 year old kids STILL. Yep, I will eventually drop dead, but NOT until after I DON’T vote Democrat.

  • @torablack 3 months ago

    I don’t wanna say that EVERY black smoker smokes menthols but literally ALL of the black smokers I ever met smoked menthols.

  • @DesertScorpionKSA 3 months ago

    $17.25 for a pack of cigarettes? That’s insane. I don’t smoke anymore but I’d quit before paying that much. BTW, the government needs to back off and do their real job like border security and keeping us safe from foreign invasion, both of which Biden has failed miserably.

  • @user-sg6fw7zh3b 3 months ago

    The most difficult addiction to overcome is nicotine! It’s so insidious and by adding menthol to the tobacco it’s easier to get hooked.

  • @allancresswell7356 3 months ago

    Let’s go from menthol to spearmint.

  • @TheRealMake-Make 3 months ago

    “Liberals love identity politics” says the guy on the network that invented identity politics. Your guest is very Idiocracy, I love it.

  • @STARBLADE679 3 months ago

    Unlike some people, I can appreciate the taste of a full flavored cigarette. 🚬

    (Jk. You should quit.)

  • @DrStrange225 3 months ago

    Do you notice the puppet president banning everything normal, working people like. The November job report was better than expected. That’s because people are getting 2nd and 3rd jobs to feed their families. This is just a taste of marxist rule.

  • @MrKaraokeCowboy 3 months ago

    Simple solution: Let American citizens decide for themselves if they want to smoke, and if they choose to smoke menthols. In other words, government shouldn’t get involved to begin with. This is supposed to be a capitalistic economy based upon supply and demand. If there is no demand for menthols, they’ll simply stop manufacturing them. Problem solved. However, if there is a demand for them and they continue to manufacture them because of that demand, then evidently citizens have made that choice as well and the government should simply let the economy dictate what should and shouldn’t be offered. Funny how it’s all right to legalize marijuana, but menthol cigarettes are bad for you? Who read you the question?

  • @michaelmurphy6195 3 months ago

    They can’t cancel menthol cigarettes, all Obama has for his library is an empty suit and a pack of Newports!


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