Giuliani’s Thirsty Calls & Uvalde Police Lies Exposed | The Daily Show

Published on June 21, 2022

Beijing accessed TikTok user’s data in the U.S., January 6th expose Giuliani’s thirsty calls to state legislators, video evidence reveals Uvalde police could have taken down the gunman upon first entering the school, and Biden falls off a bike prompting Trump promising never to ride a bike himself. #DailyShow #Comedy #TrevorNoah




  • Mary Mitty 1 year ago

    How angry those parents must be

  • Nicole Hicks 1 year ago


  • S Wolpertinger 1 year ago

    I like how “Final Boss in a Resident Evil Game” Rudy Giuliani glitches the video for a couple seconds like oh no! Boss fight!

  • Laura Griffith 1 year ago

    Me, pooping while watching Trevor Noah…I’m a rebel.

  • Carolyn Casner 1 year ago

    Trump can’t even get on a bike. Let’s not forget Trump fell on a ramp

  • FluxNoise 1 year ago

    It’s funny how Snowden exposed America for stealing data about everyone in the world through Facebook, Twitter and the likes in combination with the partiot act but when China does the same to them it’s suddenly a big scandal and an absolute nogo!

  • Dominic p 1 year ago

    These cops just keep getting worse and worse

  • Mary Tuggle 1 year ago

    I had a friend that fell off her bike exactly the same way. She broke her hip.

  • cmdraftbrn 1 year ago

    “oh noes a chinese company owns tiktok!” -no one that payed attention

  • Steven Lopez 1 year ago

    I mean when you considered who the shooter was and who the victims were it makes sense that Texan law enforcement had no rush whatsoever to stop the assault.

  • nikodc2008 1 year ago

    Must be just a few bad apples.

  • Jeremiah Bachmann 1 year ago

    Enough of the old white dudes controlling everything. They just fall down all the time. The last two could have died at any time.

  • TheMELTDOWN911 1 year ago

    SOME ONE should make a movie of the mother that got handcuffed by these st*pid officers and as soon as the release her SHE JUMPED THE FENCE TO GET HER KIDS AFTER SEEING THAT THE POLOZE POLICE WERE WAITING FOR MORE WATER AND COKES! BACK THE BLUE! LOL!


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