Full Frontal Rewind: Our Hottest GOP Burns of 2021

Published on December 1, 2021

Rolling your eyes at conservative relatives is a time-honored holiday tradition. Let us ease the pain of breaking bread with Republicans by serving up our hottest GOP burns of 2021.



  • Lisa Simpson 12 months ago


  • New Message 12 months ago

    I’m all for GOP burns…

    I’d hate for them to be raw when the time comes for us to rise up and eat them.

  • Foppish Dilletaunt 12 months ago

    A full colostomy bag is also known as the House Special at Kidd Rocks BAH&R&RSH.

  • Jesse Torres 12 months ago

    Critical Race Theory isn’t taught in almost any K-12 school in the U.S., & it’s not even required in colleges where it is taught, yet many Republican voters don’t realize this. While this makes some Caucasians feel embarrassed or uncomfortable, there are many examples of racism in U.S. history; slavery of Africans & Jim Crow, killing & forceful migration of Indigenous tribes, anti-Irish, anti-Italian, & anti-Jewish sentiment during Industrialization, internment of Asians, a drug war against African Americans & Hispanics, & open discrimination against Muslims. These things did all happen & they were all mistakes our ancestors & government has made, but we shouldn’t try to prevent kids from learning them in schools because it makes some Caucasian parents feel bad. We learn from the mistakes of history to try to prevent making them again in the future. And to me it seems if Caucasian parents don’t want their kids to learn these mistakes their ancestors made throughout American history, they probably liked those racist actions & do feel that non-Caucasians & non-Christians are in fact inferior to them, which ironically does prove part of Critical Race Theory correct.

  • Zissou 12 months ago

    Remember when msm convinced us Trump and Gaetz were going to prison? How do we keep getting dabbed on

  • Andrew Soco 12 months ago

    Man sami is getting old. Wow

  • James Turner 12 months ago

    Hit like people. Gotta get the algorithm to act right. More Sam.

  • Wasupdu 12 months ago

    Sam is a smoke show

  • James Turner 12 months ago

    7:00 NO
    Faux Noise depends on carriage fees more than ads. This is why they do not care what their advertisers think. Even more messed up, Comcast-NBC carries their signal. MSNBC funds Faux Noise. Comcast funds a problem, so that they can sell a solution.

  • Free Gee 12 months ago

    Got some good zingers in there…🤣🤣

  • Kevin B Willson 12 months ago

    Sam your Wonderful it’s good sad as it is to see the stupidity of these Republicans.
    Keep hot cleansing light on these piles of bile

    Thank you

  • Collin McLean 12 months ago

    What is with Tucker’s constant puzzled expression? He always looks like he just farted and realized everyone will be able to smell it. As for Matt Gaetz he looks like Ace Ventura was bitten by a radioactive frat boy.

  • absolut_height_advantage 12 months ago

    Feckless see you en tea for #1


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