From Tyrion To Cyrano – Peter Dinklage On Playing Intelligent Characters

Published on December 1, 2021

In part two of his conversation with Stephen, Peter Dinklage draws a comparison between his character Tyrion in “Game of Thrones,” to the character he plays in the new film, “Cyrano.” Stick around for a performance of a song from the film, featuring Peter Dinklage and collaborators Aaron and Bryce Dessner! #Colbert #Cyrano #PeterDinklage

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  • Princess sunshine 2 years ago

    I was #32 in likes and that pretty big for me

  • Barry Lyndon 2 years ago

    Peter dinklage: Death at a funeral and The station agent best movies ever… Peter dinklage not just a short handsome cyrano..Cyrano… its all speculation and verve and cockiness and tyrion a cocky sumbitch… im fixing to go watch game of thrones from season 1 til end again 3rd time hodor hold the door

  • HeikkiP 2 years ago

    The man’s full of charisma… and wine of course

  • Anish 318 2 years ago

    Helluva actor!

  • Hayes Schneider 2 years ago

    You can tell he just hates being interviewed. He’s very aware of the fact that he’s (unfortunately) being put on display. There are very few actors I put in his atmosphere. He is goddamn brilliant.

  • Ismail Yusof 2 years ago

    His face is so profoundly expressive.

  • Sanctum on the internet 2 years ago

    Pete is a talented actor

  • rod axel 2 years ago

    Hoping he comes back in the next Thor.


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