Fans Will Get “The Very Best” Of Dua Lipa’s Music On Her “Future Nostalgia” World Tour

Published on February 4, 2022

The amazing Dua Lipa returns to The Late Show for a three part conversation with Stephen Colbert to celebrate the launch of her Service95 newsletter. Listen as she tells Stephen how the pandemic delay gave her time to fine tune plans for her upcoming world tour, and stick around for much more from Dua Lipa! #Colbert #FutureNostalgia #DuaLipa

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  • Pemba Tamang 2 years ago

    Wow.. She’s looking damn fucking beautiful

  • Anthony Rupert 2 years ago

    Dua Lipa is sexy af.

  • New Message 2 years ago

    She’s pretty funny when she wants to be.. I expected more laughs. Clearly this one is important to her.

  • Leigh OBrien 2 years ago

    OMG Love her nails!!

  • verysmartname 2 years ago

    Her last album is a boo from start to finish

  • Naveen Bosco 2 years ago

    “bunch of bangers on there”. Damn Colbert, catching up with the lingo.

  • Pope Francis 2 years ago

    Terminally dull

  • sevenprovinces 2 years ago

    “THis means nothing”? Interesting text for a tattoo. It makes me strangely wonder if there are people in China who, having a particular fascination with the Roman Alphabet without really understanding it, took a tattoo – but got duped with a text meaning quite the opposite of what they wanted.

    Silliness aside, I did not know this young woman or her music, but will have to crawl out from under my rock and check it out now.

  • Ssgt Griggs 2 years ago

    as much as I love her music, I almost love it more how she has stayed so down to earth, humble and kind through it all. She has total agency over her art, does what she wants to do, while not forgetting where she came from. That’s not easy to do and it says so much about her character.


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