Donald Trump Takes the Stand in His Civil Fraud Trial

Published on November 7, 2023

Seth addresses former President Trump taking the witness stand in his fraud trial, the New York City marathon and more in his monologue for Monday, November 6.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • JJ Wright 5 months ago

    Wait, is it supposed to be a secret that Gav is running for Pres? I mean we don’t know deets but is there anyone who doesn’t think that’s his goal?

  • Amanda Jones 5 months ago

    How in the hell does someone run that fast? That’s just so incredible it seems super human.

  • Chris M 5 months ago

    That property is worth MORE than 1.5B, as long as it sold with all the secret documents included. It’s depreciated a lot since they got confiscated by the FBI before China or Russia could purchase them.

  • thunderWolf 5 months ago

    When you trip over your words is there a part of your brain that says the jackals are gonna ring me up for this?

  • MillerBaI 5 months ago

    He may be
    an android,
    a lizard,
    an alien
    or all of the above combined,
    but Seth, my guy,
    Zuckerberg would fold you like a lawn chair.

    an MMA fan 😉

  • John Vaow 5 months ago

    Sad that the United States wants Trump back in office we are a racists country

  • James Eason 5 months ago

    Why only “Former President” and not Convicted Rapist? Both are equally accurate

  • M S 5 months ago

    A great place to come to check the intelligent level of the television show fans. Never fail to entertain.

  • Ellie B.E. 5 months ago

    I love it that he looks so terrible and I so hate looking at him, that when you put up his photo I legitimately have a moment of – wait, does he really look that old, tired, orange, and combed over or did they change the photo?!?

  • Chris Connett 5 months ago

    The Zuck joke got me good😂. Thank you, Seth and writers.

  • Kgohzwong 5 months ago

    “Her idea…” got me.

  • Brian D 5 months ago

    Love your jokes and skits, you’re definitely my favorite youtuber. Btw you can tell jokes about Fetterman but I think he’s awesome, and he can take the heat.

  • Mischa Elle 5 months ago

    I think we need to question the media. I don’t agree with Trump AT ALL, but we allowed him to play within the rules of the law. Every affluent individual does. WAKE UP America!

  • peter whipple 5 months ago

    If Biden DIDN’T support Israeli Zionist Racist Terrorists BY LYING about seeing beheaded Jewish Children, He wouldn’t be Losing to Traitor Trumptard in the Polls.

  • Kyle Ingraham 5 months ago

    Correction: the American Bird People Society is pushing to rename the English names of ALL birds named after people, not just those named after problematic ones. The move preempts our evolving standards for acceptable social behavior and aims to make the names actually descriptive of the birds.

  • Shawn Holley 5 months ago

    Dear Seth, my band Mythological Horses would very much love to play Late Night. Pretty please? ❤

  • MariaVosa 5 months ago

    I just lost it when Seth flubbed “ornithologist”. He could hear the howl issuing from a million jackals at that second. But surely it should be Birdwatching people, not Bird people. 😊 I wonder if the last joke was Scollins. 😅

  • richard beaver 5 months ago

    2:45 Did I hear Baze say “what?” or am I hearing things?

  • Eric d'Peerik 5 months ago

    When the best joke of the monologue was an accident because of mispronunciation, we need an inspection of the writers.


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