Trump Babbles About Russia’s War on Ukraine & QAnon Claims Jimmy Kimmel Has Been Arrested & Cloned!

Published on February 28, 2022

The war on Ukraine continues to be the big story of course as famously-neutral Switzerland is taking action against Russia by freezing assets, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has shown great courage under fire and is a helluva swing dancer too, Trump was quarter pounding his little fists at CPAC this weekend explaining in no detail why he believes that there would be no war if he was still in office, he finally has “proof” that the election was stolen from him, shared his plans to run for President in 2024, Americans are fighting back at Russia by pulling vodka from their shelves, Russian OnlyFans entertainers were locked out of their accounts over the weekend, another Trump tell-all book is on the way from former Attorney General Bill Barr, and Jimmy has officially made the QAnon list of celebrities and world leaders that have supposedly been arrested and/or executed.


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  • Nome N Clature 1 year ago

    Me thinks conspiracy theorists have watch the 1969 comedy “Casino Royale” one tooooooo many times. Character Jimmy Bond (played by Woody Allen) clones world leaders.

  • Professor Jay Tee 1 year ago

    Boycott any Russian products or services you can find until Russia gets the hell out of Ukraine.

  • dennis o 1 year ago

    WAIT: Trump CLEARLY says he had a conversation with putin ABOUT UKRAINE, states he knew that he had an AFINITY for it and said don’t do it… well I would like to know about that conversation… he says one day he will tell us. I say the sooner the better! After ALL meetings with putin had US agents removed and only interpreters allowed to remain in the room AND the 2019 call to Zelenskyy and the with holding of Ukranian aid was AFTER the Helsinki summit.

  • Doug Johnson 1 year ago

    Trump could call Putin up right?

  • Gobi 1 year ago

    I think Switzerland, is thinking Putin is now unleashed, and they are not part of NATO. So if they don’t stop him may they be in his cross hairs.

  • Kathryn Quinn 1 year ago

    No war- he would have just given Putin Ukraine.

  • Terry Vogelaar 1 year ago

    Let me get this straight: Trump thinks Putin is a genius for invading Ukraine, but it never would have happened if he was still in office…

  • Whisky James 1 year ago

    Nobody should buy Bill Barr’s book. He shouldn’t profit for protecting this narcissistic traitor.

  • Boogie Boy 1 year ago

    Awesome!!! Everyone on the list should be cloned!!! We could use more talent walking around…

  • Eran Deser 1 year ago

    If bad publicity is better than no publicity T should thank you

  • marc hneine 1 year ago

    trump is better than sleepy joe. stfup jimmy not even funny

  • Jeffrey Black 1 year ago

    Republicans are known for owning oil companies whose future is bleak. Russia is known for having an economy based on oil that has a bleak future. Republicans are praising Russia, while denouncing efforts to mitigate climate change through reducing the use of fossil fuels. The media is not discussing energy at all while peddling a myriad of reasons for Russia attacking a competitor. Any street corner drug dealer can understand what is happening.

  • south sider96 1 year ago

    The “tape of the ballot stuffers/mules” will be out in 3 weeks, just like Trump’s infrastructure bill. We’re still waiting for that, too!

  • Kelly Vida 1 year ago

    How are your woke ratings these days Kimmel?

  • Kevin Coughlin 1 year ago

    So…let’s see…we are waiting for the “new Health Care bill” due in 2 weeks (for 5 years), the Infrastructure bill due soon (for 4 years) and now the tape about voter fraud, due in 3 weeks. March will be full of revelations!

  • Iblīs 1 year ago

    Trump lost and he will lose again if he runs for the presidency again.


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