Diane Kruger – “A Name from the Sky” | The Daily Show

Published on October 27, 2022

Actor and author Diane Kruger shares the meaning behind her name that inspired her children’s book, “A Name from the Sky,” the responsibility she feels as a mother to give her daughter wings, and the distinctions of acting in three different languages. #DailyShow #Comedy




  • Christopher Horn 7 months ago

    She looks like everyone else

  • Dolores Zumkeller 7 months ago

    She is German – I saw her on a German game show – “Klein gegen Grosse” (small kids challenges adults) this past week. It’s normal for Europeans to speak at least two languages – it’s no big deal. My best friend speaks French, Polish, German and English fluently.

  • jeff 7 months ago

    Dianne Kruger, one day she will have descendant, named Eren Kruger, and that man will give power to Grisha Yaeger, and then the tragedy will started

  • F. N. Lorter 7 months ago

    Fun Fact: Tarantino didn’t want to cast her in IB because she (and her feet) was too beautiful.

  • Patrick Kruger 7 months ago

    She deserves all the Oscars and Peabodies.
    No, I’m not bias.
    Maybe a little disappointed at not getting a SCOTUS Kruger last time around.

  • Julian Carbajal 7 months ago

    glad to see Bridget von Hammersmark is still alive and well even after 77 years since the war ended

  • Andrew Ralte 7 months ago

    She has an intelligent look about her, if there is such a thing. First time i saw her in Troy, its what i noticed, that shes not just all about looks. Sharon Stone has it too. Maybe they look alike.

  • Giles Witherspoon-Boyd 7 months ago

    Loved her in Troy and my fav Wicker Park!!!

  • Apolo Kabali 7 months ago

    Not all kids can be trusted, I hope parents don’t listen to her advise.

  • Marco Berck 7 months ago

    Wasnt Kruger a name from nightmares?

  • mduduzi ngwenya 7 months ago

    I love her role in Inglorious Basterds

  • aneebaba06 7 months ago

    This was yet another lovely interview. Been crushing on her since National Treasure.

  • NoirNouveau 7 months ago

    Definition of MYLF

  • Adam Peters 7 months ago

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