Cuomo Blames Cancel Culture, Barr Backs Trump & Trucker Protest Falls Flat | The Daily Show

Published on March 8, 2022

William Barr describes Donald Trump as “off the rails” but would still support his reelection, Andrew Cuomo blames cancel culture for his resignation, and the People’s Convoy is no match for D.C. traffic. #DailyShow




  • Jerry Clasby 2 years ago

    Trying hard to wrap my head around Barr’s though processes.

    To put your hand into boiling water and say I will put my other hand into the boiling water as well

  • Ms Linda 2 years ago

    What’s with Barr’s voice? Is he ill?

  • Paul Allen 2 years ago

    Face it, Mr Barr. You are a mob lawyer. Before joining the Trump crime family, you were just corrupt. Becoming a made man, in the Trump crime family, sunk you to all-new depths.

  • Ops Blac 2 years ago

    Trump was consistently crazy, his supporters are just opportunists.

  • Joel Allgaier 2 years ago

    Barr talking about facts. Joke!
    He talks about the truth, only to hawk his book.

  • Beto inUsa 2 years ago

    Barr is like; Me first, party second and country third.

  • OIO 2 years ago

    All of a sudden Bill Barr is a tough guy. Give me a BREAK!

  • Narean Mano 2 years ago

    Did he go to black church?

  • Wendy Woolley 2 years ago

    The Capitol Police say the same thing Bill Barr said. Most of them voted for Trump, and would do it again! Even though he kills them. F them all!

  • Ang Low 2 years ago

    cuomo wasnt canceled.. he was investigated lol.. also that church was empty af.. that looked like the after church crew. he tried it…

  • Jorgen dahl 2 years ago

    Billy teacup will accept the bag of anyone that supports big business and the 1 %

  • ShaunieBNaturalista 2 years ago

    Pootin’ needs a tow too. Maybe they can get a group rate.

  • New Moon 2 years ago

    The Republicans know Trump can’t win right? They would if they accepted the election results. The second time’s going to be a real heart breaker for them.

    Both sides manufacture self righteous anger though, I can see that too. When Truth doesn’t fit their narratives, they each do mental gymnastics from the cognitive dissonance.

    I’m just lucky enough to value Truth above Dogma.

  • james brefeld 2 years ago

    Trump is a dangerous man and everybody that supports him deserves to go down with him.

  • Tino Mertens 2 years ago

    No regrets from Barr and they still long for a dictatorship


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