CORRECTIONS: Week of Monday, January 24

Published on January 28, 2022

Seth Meyers takes a moment to address some of the errors from this week of Late Night, like messing up the rights to the Olive Garden slogan and constantly mispronouncing the word “pundits.”

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  • GuanoLad 12 months ago

    Defo a wiggly line under my Twitter, but I use the web version. Maybe your phone has its own setting on that.

  • JxC 12 months ago

    Is Wally the leader of that naughty Graphics Department?

  • History Mysteries 12 months ago

    The way to remember Santander is that the first two syllables rhyme: San tan dare

  • Isa Leal 12 months ago

    Does Seth write Corrections?

  • Zahaqiel 12 months ago

    So given the number of Marthas involved, can we assume that George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are getting their own Zack Snyder superhero teamup movie?

  • Sunk Hunt 12 months ago

    This is the best segment of the week, every week, hands down.

  • Chris Hei 12 months ago

    Seth I’m 23 and directionless, can I have a job? I’ll sweep up after the audience throws spoiled “fruit” at you

  • Michelle Cornelson 12 months ago

    Ah, Seth…how I look forward to seeing A Closer Look and Corrections every time!

  • Brittany Miller 12 months ago

    Wally is so relatable. I bet if he had to talk he still obviously had the morning frog in his throat. Also, the appropriate teem would probably be a spree killing. Serial killers have a cooling off period between murders.

  • catalinacurio 12 months ago

    Every family should have a weekly corrections hour. 😊

  • Camila G 12 months ago

    seth i have a theory!! I bet the first word your daughter says will be Jackals! 🤣 , btw corrections is the best ❤

  • Mommy Peanut 12 months ago

    I wanna join the jackal club, but I have no complaints man. 💙

  • dzd 12 months ago

    Wally not getting out of bed for a Zoom meeting is a power move, and I love him all the more for it.

  • Hazel M 12 months ago

    I’m confused by the cats in a bag joke. It’s not clear if there is one cat, or two. If you guess right, you’ll get the both of them, meaning there’s one cat and if you guess right,you get both the bag and the cat, or there are two cats and if you guess right, you get both cats but no bag. This is a badly constructed joke. O the curse of being a jackal…

  • Trevor tcolli 12 months ago

    Re: The spelling correction.. How the spelling error will be highlighted will be influenced by the platform (android, windows or iOS) and not the application (twitter) … So ye are all correct, some might have dotted line, squiggly line or a straight line (See Seth some of us got your back !)

  • ThegreatMizuti777 12 months ago

    How is the e not necessary in l8er? It’s not an eighte. You’re all mad.

  • Ultimu Shadow 12 months ago

    If any of the turtles were going to reject the mask wearing it would probably be Ralph, Donnie is the least likely to not listen to science guidelines

  • Zack Luther 12 months ago

    Your own GRAPHIC was a squiggly line!!!

  • That Bumble 12 months ago

    Take that nonce’s head off of Prince’s symbol. It’s like desecrating a cross!

  • Truck Shepard 12 months ago

    13:00 I don’t get the cats in a bag joke. Help?


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