Chris Christie – Running Against Trump & Why The GOP Needs A Return To Truth | The Daily Show

Published on November 15, 2021

Fmr. New Jersey Governor & “Republican Rescue” author Chris Christie discusses why his party needs to return to the truth, shares if he’s comfortable running against Donald Trump, and breaks down the ways he thinks President Biden is failing. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #ChrisChristie




  • Sophia Graham 9 months ago

    Wow,Mr.Noah, props, you looked evil in the face and interviewed it…

  • DC 9 months ago

    Disappointed to see Christie here. Not sure what Trevor was thinking.

  • Lola Loander 9 months ago

    How to find out, Chris Christie is lying?
    He is talking.
    He is the most despicable opportunist there is. This is just his new stage Material. Perhaps he tries do get his revenge on the Trumpster who revealed his foulness to the world. He will never be President. His Reputation is broken. Be broke it himself. He wanted to be Trumpy’s bestie. They fit together.
    Now Chistie has a big mouth, but when the Winds change, he will be Trumpy’s Pet all over again.
    Don’t get fooled by him.

  • Fabian Groom 9 months ago

    There’s no truth to life itself. We have to take the long, narrow road to get to this thing we call truth.

  • Michael T 9 months ago

    Okay Trevor getting to the other side of the political aisle- now interview a Moorish National next.

  • Greg M. 9 months ago

    He’s a joke. I’d never trust him.

  • Kale Sunderland 9 months ago

    Wait, what about when Chris Christie shut down bridges in his city to force citizens to go over toll bridges??

  • Phantom Sharpshooter 9 months ago

    FREE KYLE! – Lesko Brandin

  • Andrew Ostrander 9 months ago

    Trevor’s ability to press difficult questions and get real responses is absolutely amazing. His charisma is through the roof.

  • Stanley Masila 9 months ago

    That was a pleasant interview! From start to end….well done to both of you gents

  • Lukcorp 9 months ago

    This is brilliant

  • KD Mathews 9 months ago

    Does he not understand his target audience doesn’t read?

  • Sehnita Joshua Mattison 9 months ago

    Chris Christie was part of Trump’s posse and he’s trying to act like he’s not. The fact that he’s saying it’s just the Big Lie that’s the problem and ignoring all the other major issues of the Trump reign, Christie is part of the Trump Train.

  • lemon1980 9 months ago

    Christie, “I will provide lots of fodder for your program.”
    Trump, “ Hold my beer.”

  • I'm right you're wrong 9 months ago

    Still a marmot.

  • Coby Jay 9 months ago

    I vote that Trever Noah becomes the moderator for all 2024 presidential & VP debate sessions. ✌️

  • pop5678eye 9 months ago

    The jokes goes: a liberal and a conservative step into an interview… and they have a respectful conversation!
    Oh wait, it’s not a joke. It’s Trevor Noah being a respectful and reasonable journalist.

  • Meghan Webber 9 months ago

    Interviews like these have me thinking back when John Stewart chose Trevor. He saw something in him. No joke I really think he’s capable of getting both sides to want to look for a common ground and work together. Or at very least, have a respectful debate. Such an excellent interviewer. More of these please

  • Hank THE Patriot 9 months ago

    10:10 this is probably the ONLY thing Chris Christie has ever said that I 100% agree with!

  • Bombo Rada 9 months ago

    I’d vote for him


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