Chelsea Handler Breaks Down the Ozempic Shortage | The Daily Show

Published on February 7, 2023

Chelsea Handler tackles the epidemic of celebrities losing weight with Ozempic, a drug that’s needed by people with diabetes. #DailyShow #Comedy



  • Casper 👻 10 months ago

    I have never heard a drug company complaining about shortage due to overselling that’s what they are all about profit at all costs. Diabetics can wait, tiktokers have the right of way.

  • moorebounce 10 months ago

    Most drugs for diabetes is a appetite suppressant.

  • Robin Lee Braun 10 months ago

    Ozempic is not used to treat obesity. Any doctor that prescribes it for that purpose is committing malpractice.

  • Erica Diaz del Castillo 10 months ago

    That guy that got tackled by Chelsea Handler looks like a friend of mine

  • Frank Trombetta 10 months ago

    Chelsea Handler is your best host yet.

  • Cachi - 10 months ago

    Oh! Man! These videos are over the top!

  • delfin7461 10 months ago

    It’s a story that was on 60 Minutes about women who were morbidly obese who had tried everything to lose weight and that Ozempic could help. Even the drug manufacturer said that’s what caused the shortage

  • Red Spiral Ray 10 months ago

    “O-O-O-Ozempic! You knooowwwwww!”

  • Rosie Rose 10 months ago

    The people that are losing weight on this look like they’ve aged twenty-five years. It does something to the face fat that makes the person go from looking 23 to looking 53. So people would rather look thirty years older than to have 30 lb LOL LOL

  • Marla Mumgaard 10 months ago

    Ozempic is not cheap! About $1K a month with insurance. But rich people and influencers can afford it for pure vanity reasons while people with Type 2 diabetes have to grovel with their insurers to even afford it. That’s American health care for you, right there!

  • Morgan Freeman 10 months ago

    TikTok to blame for the downfall of Facebook & Instagram? Yup!

  • Linda LB 10 months ago

    …and the reason this is allowed is because diabetes is mostly suffered by people of color.

  • Andrew O'Dell 10 months ago

    I like how the guy in the panic room was making Lucille from TWD. Nice touch.


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