Bob Odenkirk On Filming His Final Scene As Saul Goodman

Published on March 1, 2022

Friend of the show Bob Odenkirk stops by for a two-part interview with Stephen Colbert and talks about bidding farewell to his character Saul Goodman after more than a decade portraying the corrupt lawyer in “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul.” Stick around for more from Bob Odenkirk, and check out his new memoir, “Comedy Comedy Comedy Drama,” available everywhere now. #Colbert #ComedyComedyComedyDrama #BobOdenkirk

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  • CookieThug 1 year ago

    the great Bob Odenkirk

  • Herowebcomics 1 year ago

    This is the guy who played the dad in “Nobody”?!
    That is awesome!

  • Jackie Blue 1 year ago

    Bob Odenkirk is a national treasure. Love him so much!

  • pavanatanaya 1 year ago

    You cant die Bob. You still owe me for the Mr Show Live fiasco…

  • Emily Mary 1 year ago

    I keep on getting $50,000 every week from a new trading platforms in town

  • James Guy Photography 1 year ago

    I’m even more impressed “Mike” survived to the end of the series.

  • steve conn 1 year ago

    Saw Bob a few times as an extra on BCS (almost in the nursing home scene in ep. 2 coming up but was switched out). Hope his grand finale is everything he hoped.

  • dotstarss 1 year ago

    Love Bob! Great to see him back to health and finishing up the amazing Better Call Saul. Decent humans doing well…it’s what we love to see.

  • Joshua Sweetvale 1 year ago

    Well Bob, you’re now officially _old._ But you’re namedropping the life-savers. You’ll be fine.

  • Frappa Canu 1 year ago

    Also the older kids make fun of the youngest one
    Especially if it’s the only girl

  • marco rotondo 1 year ago

    Too bad for the misleading video title… Stephen didn’t even let Bob answer the question

  • D V 1 year ago

    Last night I watched the pilot episode for Breaking Bad. For many years I’ve heard the rumors of this show. The news of the fandom and the whole funeral for the character. The blue donuts being made at some bakery shops. People dressing up like the character on Halloween. Being a fan of the Sopranos I have purposely avoided watching anything of the Breaking bad show. I finally decided to start this series. Immediately I can tell this is it going to be fun

  • This Person 1 year ago

    3:45 Odenkirk “You have to work to be present.” Sums up a good part of mindfulness practice. Excellently said.

  • Jordan Costello 1 year ago

    Great to see Bob!

  • Security Sounds 1 year ago

    please put horns back

  • Space O 1 year ago

    I really liked him in Nobody. Didn’t care for the movie itself but he was really great.

  • Geordie Dynes 1 year ago

    This man is essentially co-responsible for a brand of comedy that is insanely popular these days…Absurdity. If you haven’t watched the original episodes of MR. SHOW, that’s pretty much where it all started


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