Biden Urges Calm as Feds Auction SVB | Pence Takes Shots at T**** | Michelle Yeoh Makes History

Published on March 13, 2023

President Biden addressed the nation before financial markets opened on Monday in an effort to restore calm. Elsewhere, former VP Mike Pence thinks his former boss should be held accountable for Jan 6th, and friend of the show Michelle Yeoh made history at the Oscars.

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  • michael D 1 year ago

    The only one that could hold Trump accountable at this point is probably either KFC or McDonalds. If they banned him from fast food he’d volunteer to lock himself up.

  • c0r³s4V3 1 year ago

    That Ratio! OMG !!! lol

  • Erik Finkel 1 year ago

    sweet tie, Mr Colbert! Great performance tonight!

  • Ramsey Kagak 1 year ago

    #corporatecolbert is getting stale. Should put in someone younger and with fresher jokes.

  • Heather Curry 1 year ago

    When I think of a bank run, I see the old Mary Poppins Disney movie scene where the little boy wants his tuppence back from the creepy old banker man, and sparks all the victorian aristocracy ladies nearby to panic and want their money too.

  • Graham Bell 1 year ago

    And the bankers gave themselves huge bonuses, of course, right before it happened. And the Execs were selling of their stocks – again, right before it happened. Will Biden go after them? OF COURSE NOT. I’m voting for whoever will.

  • circleeh 1 year ago

    I MUST own an inflatable Yellen.

  • Krehlmar 1 year ago

    Holy shit colbert is boring as fuck nowdays. I say that as someone far left than most US folk.

  • Pamela Timmins 1 year ago

    Lock trump up and make pence testify before the Grand Jury. pence, you are such a coward.

  • Tr7b 1 year ago

    What other business can go bankrupt & get bailed out by the government.?

  • Runner Go 1 year ago

    Boomers confused? Naw! That never happens! /s

  • croc glox 1 year ago

    I want to watch this but some crappy ads are going to interrupt mid-joke and make me want to smash my phone. Youtube, why u so pushy with those scammy ads? Why you gotta beat up on the free version crowd? I predict you hurt yourself in the long run

  • CrazyEyesGaming 1 year ago

    I really thought that energy drink for ghosts start up was a sure thing.

  • John K 1 year ago

    Trump trying to incite his followers to make a run on the banks. What a POS

  • Ruminator 1 year ago

    A Grinder for Grubhup?

  • dire wolf 1 year ago

    wait isn’t there a debt ceiling crisis ?? weren’t they finding ways to scale back spending ?? so where did they find an extra $200 billion for a bailout ?? oh right it’s bankers that need help .. private profit & public debt .. where is warren sanders porter brown schumer etc etc ?? smells rotten …..


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