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Published on August 2, 2022

Get ready for the best moments about our favorite topic…racism! Beyond the Scenes host Roy Wood Jr. first chats with former Daily Show producer, CJ Hunt, to discuss white Boston natives’ disconnect with the racism in their city. Next, Roy’s back with CJ and leading scholar, Professor Kimberlé Crenshaw, to talk about the fate of critical race theory. Roy then chats with Daily Show writer, Randall Otis, and ACLU president, Deborah Archer, about the racism built into city bus routes and the dangers that come with driving while Black. To conclude, Roy ends on a hopeful note with Daily Show correspondent, Dulcé Sloan, and Daily Show writer, Josh Johnson, as the three discuss a positive future with less Karens.

New episodes of Beyond the Scenes return August 9, wherever podcasts are available.
How Racist is Boston?: Originally aired August 3, 2021
The Battle Over Critical Race Theory: Originally aired September 21, 2021
How Racism is Built into America’s Interstate Highways: Originally aired April 5, 2022
The Karendemic: Originally aired November 30, 2021

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  • minj4ever 1 year ago

    Repeats get a pass and a dislike

  • Shenanigans SquirrelMom 1 year ago

    Every white person needs to watch this. Understand this.

  • bergstrom oliver 1 year ago

    Racism in America a Country with Equality from the start the Democracts are the real Racists

  • wcoasttigger2012 1 year ago

    That poor 7 year old! He knew how f up his dad was. Gives me hope tho for future.

  • Liane 1 year ago

    Excellent and necessary conversations! Thank you for the work that you do! We need the reflection and conversation in society to become better.

  • god - dog 1 year ago

    Love love love love love RWjr

  • Juice Jones 1 year ago

    Great episode

  • Jamie Martino 1 year ago

    Thanks for all of these podcasts. Great content and very important for our day in age!!!

  • Sir Scorpio 1 year ago

    Racism? Read the comments on a news story on YouTube

  • ALL HANDS ON STEAM DECK 1 year ago

    Hateful America hates these segments and by hateful Americans you know who I mean…..

  • K P 1 year ago

    An issue is that blacks don’t critique their own in terms of inner city broken families and violence. A stable family will help but too many single moms.

  • spirit5228 1 year ago

    Strange how racist people don’t want to hear they are racist.

  • oldretireddude 1 year ago

    I’m an old white guy, more than likely part of the problem..I very much appreciate this discussion. Thx

  • DAVE Smith 1 year ago

    Democrats have to make you believe this to keep you on their Plantation


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