Biden Responds to Putin’s Latest Nuke Threat; Trump’s Bizarre Nuke Rant: A Closer Look

Published on September 26, 2022

Seth takes a closer look at Vladimir Putin once again threatening the world with nuclear weapons in Russia’s brutal war against Ukraine, which prompted Donald Trump to say something totally insane and incoherent.

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  • Spilling Tea with Lorin 1 year ago

    I am so grateful for the show. Every time I really really need to laugh he comes through.

  • Joseph Baker 1 year ago

    You should have go back and shown some Nikita Khrushchev and how it he was going to do with nuclear power to the US. And John F Kennedy sent him home like a bunch of little sniveling boys their whole Fleet. And it was Russia and the white supremacist of America that assassinated Kennedy not as well that’s why we don’t know the truth. That’s another reason why they think they can get away with this too.

  • twalrus1 1 year ago

    Biden sent a private message to Putin:
    Look at me! I’ve got maybe 2, 3 years. I would love to go out like Slim Pickens riding that nuclear bomb yelling “YEEHAA!!”
    So, go ahead and try me! I’ve secretly got some Dr. Strangelove in me. My doctor doesn’t let me have bacon and butter any more and my PP don’t work, so I ain’t got Nothin’ To Lose, you wrinkly white raisin on a horse! BRING IT!

  • Gerald L 1 year ago

    Keep our country gay!

    That is what he said.

    Bit of a Freudian slip there.

  • Jack O'Bean 1 year ago

    Remember this…Putin like Trump is a sookie, sociopathic cry-baby.The difference betwen them only is that unless Trump succeeds in creating civil war in America he will not be able to
    just order a civilian population to invade another nation…sure he can set American tribes one against the other …but not do the Bush neocon act and create an illusion of threat and invade
    a peaceful nation. It’s pointless talking about ‘illegalities’ in this ghastly invasion. Trump is heavily involved, as is Putin in the disenfranchisement of the young in a form of neoliberalism. These are strory tellers leading their mesmerised youth into darkness.

    I wrote this, I think pertinent here also… in another Putin mobilisation utube:

    It’s on all tribes involved to sober up and take on board that a nuclear war will exterminate almost in entirety the decent people. The sewer rats like Trump and Putin, Kadyrov and Putin’s other criminal associates Un and Jimping will be hiding away deep into their sewers and will at some stage gnaw their way out to the nuclear winter an darkness, emerge to do what?…feast on the bodies of those left as roasted meat? The emissaries of Satan will not survive. Their ‘beloved’ children will be vaporised. “Hey we did it!!…we won” mght stay as their only remaining thought in their feted cranial cavities but what will they have actually achieved..I suggest a lingering death, perhaps suicide pact, perhaps a Mussolini type demise if any civilians have survived…and then to the depths of hell to suffer Eternity in agony and being able to see, in never ending despair, the happiness of those they exterminated

  • Joseph Baker 1 year ago

    You don’t remember when they interviewed Putin he didn’t believe in happiness there’s no such thing it doesn’t exist? Not paying attention

  • pamela cassise 1 year ago

    We would release the krackin, bombing, bring in our sleath jets, and put the greatest military in the world into gear to destroy all of Putin.

  • Whitney Mohrhauser 1 year ago

    I guess that anyone name “Vlad” are dictatorship because the previous Vlad was known Vlad the Impaler.

  • James Hardy 1 year ago

    Let’s all pile in on a potential nuclear threat as if it’s funny.

  • Lawsonomy 1 year ago

    Why not just come out and say it? If Putin Uses a Nuclear weapon his location will be hit with an H-bomb. He will be dead within 5 minutes of giving the order, clear and simple. You use Nuclear weapons you die in atomic fire, that’s all their is to it.

  • alrighty ru 1 year ago

    The message to Putin needs to be clear. If he uses any nuclear force then every sane country will attack him with every conventional weapon that we have (not nuclear) … Make it clear !

  • Joseph Baker 1 year ago

    ? Hahaha that was a good one my friend world’s biggest tit

  • J Dubs C 1 year ago

    Nukes….. the cornerstone of every non-war “special military operation”.

  • soloseraphim Heartsong 1 year ago

    Do they always round up the 4 or 5 Black people that show up to those dump rallies and shove behind that a-hole? The optics aren’t as good as they think they are. It’s just creates a lot of questions about why are they there.

  • Michael J. Beglin Jr. 1 year ago

    Trump calling someone stupid shows such a lack of self awareness it’s unreal. How does anyone take people like him seriously?


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