Omicron Comes For Pro Sports & Andrew Cuomo Has to Fork Over His Book Deal Money | The Daily Show

Published on December 15, 2021

Many NBA/NFL players are testing positive for Covid, Andrew Cuomo is ordered to return earnings from a $5.1M book deal, and “90 Day Fiancé” star reveals how much money she makes selling her farts in a jar. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #AndrewCuomo




  • Brian Dodd 2 years ago

    The alphabet virus

  • J Dubs C 2 years ago


  • DJ Pomare 2 years ago

    Europe admits Omicron was found IN EUROPE BEFORE AFRICA. So why was South Africa blamed for sounding the alarm?
    Europe admits Covid19 was found IN EUROPE BEFORE CHINA. So why was China blamed for sounding the alarm?
    Covid deaths = Managed pandemic China 4,636 & New Zealand 48 Mismanaged pandemic US 823,390.
    Covid originated at Fort Detrick, Maryland and Spanish flu in Haskell County, Kansas. SO WHY DID AMERICA NOT SOUND THE ALARM ?

  • DJ Pomare 2 years ago

    Covid deaths US 823,390 India 476,478 UK 146,791 Germany 107,675 China 4,636 Australia 2,126 New Zealand 48.
    US Fox TV and Australian Sky TV viewers know that Rupert Murdoch and Trump were both vaccinated at the start of 2021.
    I despise vaccinated people who are smug in their protection, who urge unvaccinated people to exercise their freedoms.
    It’s like the guy in the street telling the guy on the ledge to jump. G.Rivera

  • Onestop Funstop 2 years ago

    I can’t stand this Racist Hate Monger.
    All he does is spread Ignorance and Racism.

  • Babalon Qedesha 2 years ago

    Selling farts in a jar… I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

  • SirLangsalot 2 years ago

    If Trevor Noah was white he’d be considered ‘unfunny’.

  • BroteinShake 2 years ago

    Kyrie Irving is sitting at home like, I told you so….

  • ApeQ A 2 years ago

    keeping farts inside that jar, is the jar really air-tight sealed ? better put in ziploc or something else.. dont want that $500 contaminated with other smells..

  • Jose Montes 2 years ago

    Im Batman

  • Comic Fellow 2 years ago

    3:40 Heh, I heard the staff giggle in the background. They should just do it a lot more.

  • Chez Pizza 2 years ago

    Urelated, I’m surprised video games (you know the other multi-billion dollar business) haven’t gotten more mainstream news coverage with E-sports and the other controversy they are currently.

  • Hailstormand 2 years ago

    This episode is a real roller-coaster that breaks the wind.

  • jrbship 2 years ago

    Andrew Cuomo shouldn’t have to give the money back because he didn’t do the thing his book says he did. Instead, his book should just be moved to the fiction section

  • no body 2 years ago

    Players sitting on the sides with masks on. Someone needs to tell them that the mask has to cover their mouth and nose the entire time. You can’t yank it down. (Especially don’t touch the part you’ve been breathing through!) That’s. That’s not know how this works. And actually if they tested positive they need to be isolating, not in a big room with a lot of people in it.

  • GK Olivier 2 years ago

    Collecting your Jar of Farts… Thanks a lot, now I can never listen to Christina Perri again.


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