Will Smith “Refused” to Leave Oscars After Chris Rock Slap & Trump’s Ridiculous Plea to Putin

Published on March 30, 2022

The Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences is not jumping to any conclusions about the Will Smith & Chris Rock at the Oscars and have started an official review, Will Smith reportedly was asked to leave the ceremony and refused, OJ Simpson has given his thoughts on the whole ordeal via Twitter, we have a new contender for “Best Picture” thanks to a poorly timed green screen setup on school photo day in Indiana, with all the focus on Russia and Ukraine Kim Jong Un is feeling left out and has made a new video with a big mega missile, Donald Trump did an interview to talk about the Mayor of Moscow’s wife and asked Putin to release information on Biden, the NY Attorney General’s Office says that they have “uncovered significant evidence” about Trump overvaluing real estate assets, Donald continues to try to convince America he is just a regular guy, a Nebraska State Senator made up a story about kids who identify as “furries,” and a new edition of “This Month in COVID History.”

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  • 🐸Chemmy🐸 2 years ago

    People have been killed by psychos rushing the stage. The fact that this has been didn’t get tackled, dragged out back and had his teeth knocked in says this was fake.

  • Bobby 2 years ago

    He was asked if he wanted to leave……….. big difference

  • Deminus 2 years ago

    The Academy said that because they want solid ground for actual punishment, like taking his Oscar/banning him.

  • Rizwan Ali 2 years ago

    Just when Smith was about to get his hand on first Oscar, Jada destroyed his night and more than that, his famed career.

  • Jacobmalinowski Malinowski 2 years ago

    Trump 2024. Im done watching this liberal crap

  • johnina Ryan 2 years ago

    The people that still support Tump should move to Russia.

  • Trevor Allen 2 years ago

    Why are you still talking about this stupid slap?

  • scott Davis 2 years ago

    Could you imagine if it was a white superstar that slapped Chris? OMG they’d cry racism forever. Dude would be done forever.

  • Shiva 2 years ago

    Dear Leader Deserves the Oscar for Nuclear Missile.

  • Jonathan Schattevo 2 years ago

    Why is jimmy obsessed with trump
    Doesnt he have anything better 2 do
    It gets old
    He should do smth useful

  • D Jones 2 years ago

    O.J. could probably teach Will a thing or 2 on how to deal with a cheating wife

  • Jum Broni 2 years ago

    Jimmy is such a fraud

  • oliver donaghy 2 years ago

    Its unfortunate……..

  • Phil A Stine 2 years ago

    If only they had witnesses or video footage… Innocent until proven guilty.

  • black bird 2 years ago

    Will Smith should go back on Jerry Springer where that kind of behavior is acceptable.


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