Why Fox News Won’t Change After the Dominion Settlement – After The Cut | The Daily Show

Published on April 20, 2023

“Dominion can get some justice. American Democracy cannot.” Jordan Klepper speaks with audience members about how paying settlement money to Dominion won’t make Fox News accountable for spreading lies in a new #AfterTheCut.

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  • Ghost Mama 12 months ago

    I absolutely agree with his assessment. America is still waiting for Justice.

  • alro 12 months ago

    Jordan needs a new hairdo

  • Donald 12 months ago

    Under all the bulshit the Republican fascist party the white nationalist Republican party has one goal to maintain their white supremacist white minority ridiculously unequal power in America. They’re going to lose all of their voting power basically within 10 years and they’re going to do everything they can to make sure they don’t lose their power and their place in the hierarchy up to and including bringing War to the streets of America in my opinion

  • Gracie 12 months ago

    Perfectly said. Thank you !

  • ZERO Ø7X 12 months ago

    This was the most succinct answer to what Fox News learned from this and how they can continue to subvert our own democracy and get away with it. Jordan and Roy for permanent co-hosts!

  • J Wise 12 months ago

    Fox is the biggest threat to the USA. I’ve seen it coming for 2 decades. They need real justice or it won’t stop now.

  • Matt Padilla 12 months ago

    My red California county voted to prematurely end their contract with Dominion a few months ago because of the lies Fox said. Fox convinced the County Board of Supervisors voter fraud happens because of Dominion, even though the county went Republican on nearly every ticket in the last election. Now we have no way to tally votes and will have to spend a million dollars to count ballots another way. That’s a big number for a small county. Either they raise taxes to make up for it, or they cut programs. Either way, the citizens are paying for Fox’s lies.

  • Denize 12 months ago

    Sad and true.

  • El Loco 12 months ago

    Quite right … but the DOJ should use the implications of the settlement to start a case against Faux News.

  • Views 12 months ago


  • Justyna S 12 months ago

    Would have been nice to get some closure with the trial :/

  • Gilbert Dare 12 months ago

    Exactly right!

  • jmisc 12 months ago

    Eliminate SuperPAC.

  • Andy Garcia 12 months ago

    ITS A REPUBLIC soooooo yeah not a democracy get it right

  • Linda Kessler 12 months ago

    I appreciate your efforts very much, all while I lol and smh at the utter hypocrisy of the Republicans. I don’t care for them, at all.

  • Susan Rose Gale 12 months ago

    Well said….I’m sick over the frenzy of corruption and glee towards violence that this Country seems to rush to and towards – stubbornly cherishes the ‘Us vs Them’ fighting over….nothing. When will we ever get back to doing the right thing? So incredibly sad….

  • Bovinityleak 12 months ago

    I certainly wish we the people could sue fox for all the harm they have intentionally caused society.


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