Why Food Insecurity Is Such a Problem in America | The Daily Show



  • Breanna Northrup 1 year ago

    30% of ENLISTED????????

  • David Oguns 1 year ago

    That man is awesome, bless him

  • Jill Shaw 1 year ago

    Jose Andres is a wonderful treasure of a human being.

  • Phoebe Simon 1 year ago

    The number of times per day I think about how pathetic America’s care for its people is worrying to me. Medicine, food, power, and other essentials conducive to human life are taking a back seat? No bueno, guys. I rely on late night comedy for my news now bc the straight up news broadcasts are too distressing

  • sandi 1 year ago

    Anyone living in the Bay Area, take a visit to your local supermarket! The Asian owned ones in the valley still have food for around the same price… if anything, seafood is a little cheaper because the catch of the day doesn’t sell out right away

  • Mario Posavec 1 year ago

    So the fates country on Earth is haungry sorry but i am not crying

  • endlichdrin 1 year ago

    Trevor, why are you complaining? Food insecurity, insufficient health care, suppression of minorities, it is all part of The American Way. Read the fine print!

  • odora Allan 1 year ago

    But honestly where is Jeff bezsos and Zuckerberg
    Even bill gates
    These problems are not for first world countries

  • Naturalbeauty_abena 1 year ago

    Food desert is so real. I pulled up the stats in Baltimore for one of my Human Security and Social Change class and I was in shock. What this man is proposing is exactly solution we discussed in the class. But big corporations like Harrist Teeter and Trader Joe’s will not open shops in those types of neighborhood because they don’t see profitability. The government can give some incentives for those companies. It’s just sad.

  • Jeremy Pickett 1 year ago

    Jose is a flipping saint. Not in any religious way, just the empathy he has and the work ethic combine to make him, as we say in software engineering, a force multiplier.

    Hunger shouldn’t be a problem in the US, but it is. And people like this make me want to go and volunteer at a local bank, because it is so important. Two years ago I needed help, and I was grateful for absolutely everything.

  • Madeline Rodriguez 1 year ago

    José Andrés’ passion for fighting hunger and food insecurity is so evident. What a fantastic human being

  • Srini 1 year ago

    LOL , in India all the prices went up 40% , so you are still in better shape than us

  • G Marshall 1 year ago

    The red headed woman doesn’t look to me she’s going hungry

  • Winz Goals 1 year ago

    The irony of an immigrant trying to feed Americans 🥲

  • Indigo Wolf 1 year ago

    What a great idea! This should be done all over the world.


    all these rich people instead of investing all this money in metaverse,space race why dont they instead invest more into food security making sure they eradicate food scarcity I just dont get how the human brain works

  • all about life 1 year ago

    Has he gone through skin lightning treatmenr

  • Mop Top 1 year ago

    While I was in Afghanistan my wife would be here waiting in line at a foodbank.

  • Vinnie Syarif 1 year ago

    America is facing great hunger? Great! Now y’all have no excuse for your obesity to be the leading problem. I mean c’mon America

  • Pierce 1 year ago

    When are people going to realize that military service members are seen as disposable pawns by the higher ups. The government has NEVER cared about the troops.


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