Why Are We Not Talking About Menopause?



  • Dave E. 10 months ago

    Lol, that Judy Blum reference was hilarious.

  • New Message 10 months ago

    Let’s be honest.. some fishmongers definitely just put a wig on a fish and uh… ‘made it their wife’… We all know it.

  • Free Da 10 months ago

    Women be crazy aka any medical problem a woman might have!

  • batgurrl 10 months ago

    Sam, we aren’t talking about it because it’s not funny😂😂.12 years after my menopause ended I still get hot flashes and night sweats. The Joy of being a woman. I saw a movie called Hysteria, based on a true story about a doctor who invented the first electronic vibrator in the Victorian era. He invented it to calm women’s hysteria. I never associated hysterectomy to the word hysteria until I saw it.

  • KELLY LOCKHART 10 months ago

    I learned about Menopause at 18 from my stripper mom, because my mother told me “we don’t talk about that”.

  • Jay Whoo 10 months ago

    Thank you sam!

  • Elizabeth Moore 10 months ago

    Yeah you loose your social value…

  • corynardin 10 months ago

    Why should insurance cover a health condition that only affects 50% of the population?

  • Joaquim Diniz da Fonseca 10 months ago

    My mum had my youngest siblings at 49 so I’m not even sure if menopause hit her
    I think she’s just built different

  • lifewuzonceezr 10 months ago

    So happy you are reminding my body

  • Consider All This 10 months ago

    Tara Mooknee has a wonderful feminist YouTube channel Highly recommend (it is actually written by a COW, who unfortunately has another obligation 😊)

  • B. Steiner 10 months ago

    14 years? …family history of 20 years of hot flashes… already 14 years into that journey.

  • hb78 rwtfg 10 months ago

    So, no longer can you stab a bloke to death, claiming your ‘on the job’, and there for only getting a Police caution??

  • Skip Gilbrech 10 months ago

    Sam, I love you! Just a thought: I’m 77, so the phrase “Full Frontal” to me means much more, personally/historically, than it would to younger folks. How about exploring that in your series?!

  • RainyDayLady 10 months ago

    After my mom had a hysterectomy she started acting a bit weird. Angry over little things, etc. One day my aunt was telling her about hormones and she had no idea what she was talking about. We both told her to talk to a doctor. Once she started taking premarin (sp) things went back to normal. Well, as normal as my mom could get. 🙃💕. When I had mine they started me on them in the hospital almost as soon as I woke up. 🤗🖖💕

  • Rene Wilson 10 months ago


  • Kap00rwith2os 10 months ago

    I’m so glad I’m single.

  • Dannie 10 months ago

    It’s also important to note that menopause affects all people differently with different levels of severity. This also means that there should NEVER be a “one size fits all/most” treatment course for patients seeking help for menopause problems. It’s also equally important to note that no longer being able to get pregnant has no bearing on who you are as a person; this is also true even if you never gave birth to any children. (We’re definitely NOT running out of humans any time soon.)

  • Not Sure 10 months ago

    “Care about and respect women.”? In America? Don’t make me laugh.
    Have we been watching the news lately?
    America has become a living facepalm meme.

  • Cranky Pants Mcduff 10 months ago

    I recently had an ablation, im 42 and its the best thing I did. I’m going to hit menopause as my daughter hits puberty so my partners gona get it bad pmsl. Can’t wait.


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