What’s in Ron’s shoes?: Gutfeld

Published on November 3, 2023

Greg Gutfeld and guests discuss the rumor that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis wears height boosters in his shoes on ‘Gutfeld!

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  • 🎼Kristi Snyder 4 months ago

    Really don’t care if DeSantis has lifts or not… he should be more concerned about how ugly every pair is. 😆
    🫶🏻 love my gals Kennedy & Kat!

  • Eddie Bruce 4 months ago

    Attacking the man instead of their arguments, is a leftest strategy

  • Mike Black 4 months ago

    Why is this a story?

  • OKAY 4 months ago

    Who cares leave him alone stupid people!!!

  • Eltine Loveall 4 months ago

    IDK, but I bet his feet and legs are really sore .
    When you see a pic, supposedly from he and his boots , if he can walk in those boots, then his boots were made for walking.

  • Lasersbee 4 months ago

    My Bike Boots have heels… they keep my boots on the pegs.. Who Cares ?
    Rather Have a short Republican DeSantis than an Incompetent Brain Dead tall Democrat Biden Buffoon….

  • tragicrhythm 4 months ago

    I appreciate the attention given to this serious news matter.

  • troy kell 4 months ago

    The moment Greg’s face changed when his height was mentioned..

  • Misty Violet💟 4 months ago

    I remember KENNEDY always rooting for him and blatantly hatin’ on TRUMP 😂

  • Greg Bors 4 months ago

    Ron’s a midget but he’s still taller than Gutfeld

  • Andres Escobar 4 months ago

    America is shallow af.

  • Misty Violet💟 4 months ago

    Did everyone see the clip on this big issue 😂 from WILL CAIN’s podcast 😂hahhahaahaaaa

  • Don Zuckschwerdt 4 months ago

    This is stupid, we have more to worry about

  • I LOVE THE USA 4 months ago

    Love Ron’s boots

  • Humble Yourself 4 months ago

    How did Ron go from the best potential candidate for president behind Trump to the laughing stock of America? SMH… His entire campaign has been a sad disappointing failure that actually tarnished all the great things he did as Floridas governor.

  • snow white 4 months ago

    Masculine and feminine have different attraction vibes.
    Attractive Man should be [strong•stable•elgant]
    The shoes need to be comfortable no need for high heels:/

    Heels for girls can look a little sexy. I’m 5’6, like heels sometimes in all different styles🌸
    No matter guys /girls…
    Being comfortable is most important!
    Beauty needs to be balanced.

  • WarlanderTV 4 months ago

    Kennedy is a left wing sellout scumbag.

  • SantaSkip 4 months ago

    James Madison was 5 feet 4 inches

  • Laurie Alexander 4 months ago

    *Fox News .. Biden used crocs in the shower with Ashley.?


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