What Do You Know About the Female Body?

Published on January 13, 2022

With so many Americans playing doctor, we wanted to put their knowledge of human anatomy to the test. Specifically, the female human anatomy. So we went on the street to ask men what they know about women’s bodies and this is what we learned.


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  • Lydia Stormberg 2 years ago

    This makes me very disappointed omg this is hilarious

  • Mrs. Natasha Ellwood 2 years ago

    In Canada you learn both male and female reproductive anatomy in grade 6.

  • Suaird 2 years ago

    Murica people. Except that aussie.
    Wheres the g spot…..whats a g spot

  • Tardy tv 2 years ago

    stupid show all that flowers thats what u put out

  • Sandra U 2 years ago

    I guess I believe generation x supposed to know these answers…but I bet generation z will just say “huh?”

  • h7opolo 2 years ago

    and these are all the people that seek solace in the medical industry because they have no clue.

  • Awakened Spirit 2 years ago

    Do a follow up for women.

  • Nifemi Ogundare 2 years ago

    Self-deprecation, that is the way. Lost so much ground, and with one move gained it all back.

  • Buenomars 2 years ago

    I’ve heard that for many segments like this, most people usually answer correctly but that would be no fun so the editors only included the more… interesting participants for the segment. It might even be possible for some of these participants shown in the segment to have been told to pretend accordingly.

  • Captain Captain 2 years ago

    We just gonna ignore the stormtrooper at 1:06?

  • ChipChocolatePR 2 years ago

    I honestly dint know not one of this questions lol.


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