Unsolved Mysteries: Why Hasn’t Merrick Garland Indicted Donald Trump? | The Daily Show

Published on March 10, 2022

Why hasn’t Merrick Garland indicted Donald Trump? That’s this week on Unsolved Mysteries: MAGA Edition. #DailyShow #UnsolvedMysteries #RoyWoodJr



  • Harumi H. 2 years ago

    “Unsolved mystery” indeed. Big mystery. Jan. 6 Committee has collected enough evidence of Trump’s crimeS. Why not?
    I have never heard of the DOJ not indicting anyone who has committed federal crimes.

  • dennis laws 2 years ago

    could he have been bought off by trump or trump supporter like I suspect the POS DA in NY>

  • King Franklin 1 2 years ago

    He’s not been indicted because of wealth privilege.

  • Jacova Wernett 2 years ago

    Merrick Garland has flop sweats.
    Remove Garland

  • Andais 2 years ago

    It’s fun how people want all this to be rushed through, so one Trump supporter, on a jury, can get DJ off.

  • Robert Munoz Jr 2 years ago

    Nothing going to happen to HIM Smh

  • Maddy Muffley 2 years ago

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  • Common Sense Party 2 years ago

    Because he doesn’t have a spine.

  • Jill Mchenry 2 years ago

    Garland is meticulous in developing a case. I think it will come

  • Vera Clyne 2 years ago

    Yes to all of this. I’m also concerned about the lack of charges against sitting members of Congress, who were in on the scheme and gave people tours of the building the day before. These people are still in office and they should not be.

  • Anton Lowe 2 years ago

    Because he’s a hand wringing coward.

  • ShaunieBNaturalista 2 years ago

    Because he’s a wussy.

  • ThirdEye2020 2 years ago

    It wouldn’t surprise me if they drag this out for another couple couple years and indict him just before the next presidential primaries. Like the conservatives did with Hillary Clinton, not releasing the report on her email “scandal” until election time

  • Ivanka dated Quincy Jones 2 years ago

    Who is this Garland you speak of?

  • Noel Gaurano 2 years ago

    He is a Judge , not a prosecutor and h e is horrible attorney general

  • SailorMoon 2 years ago

    lock them all up…

  • Major Henry L. 2 years ago

    Simple: because Trump hasnt broken any laws. Thats your answer right there!


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