T****’s Awkward Train Wreck Visit | MTG Says Civil War Is Coming

Published on February 22, 2023

The former president visited the site of a toxic spill in Ohio, and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene thinks red and blue states should separate in a national divorce.
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  • Suzie Ferguson 12 months ago

    Would love to see how MTG & company support their red states. They are the poorest & big takers of federal funds. They would be broke without the blue states supporting them.

  • Arthur Watts 12 months ago

    Marge is tiptoeing around what she wants – a Gilead where a select group of women wear the pants. Marge, you’re talking Gorgonzola when it’s clearly Brie time, baby !

  • Waqas Bajwa 12 months ago

    America the land of democarat muffins

  • Tengoken 12 months ago

    How much republicans “care” is directly comparable to how much they can get out of the situation.

  • Holly Speaks 12 months ago

    MTG, Lauren Boobart & the others are idiots

  • drstevenrey 12 months ago

    I don’t see MTG surviving her tenure in the senat.

  • Pauline Follett 12 months ago

    Trump better apply aloe vera…..cause he just got burned. Well done Stephen. You showed him up for the fool he is.

  • seraphonica 12 months ago

    I would call Trump’s campaign so far an apology tour – but let’s be honest, has anyone ever heard him apologize for anything?

  • ANTI-MAGA-FASCIST 12 months ago

    The scant amount of money Norfolk Southern has put aside for East Palestine residents that they’ve poisoned equals 0.01% of their profits for 2022. So generous.

  • Choo Choo MotherTrucker 12 months ago

    Trump just needs to shut the hell up. The more he speaks, the more crap he spews.

  • robin orona 12 months ago

    get down, late show band!!

  • Flame Beats 12 months ago

    Luckily it’s not freezing here in Virginia. Today’s high will be 81 but it’s going back to the typical 50 and rainy later in the week.

  • InfiniteAnvil 12 months ago

    Huh, I remember on the Colbert Report Stephen used to wear his ashen cross on Ash Wednesdays. Was that part of the character, or did NBC folks say he had to take it off now that he’s on their network?

  • bob reno 12 months ago

    he shoulda said “ok, which one of you calls me daddy?” answer: Both do

  • Alex 35 12 months ago

    You know Trump went only because he thought he was going to blow the train whistle,and I am sure the people suffering there didn’t need another train wreck in Trump showing up.

  • Lord Solaris 12 months ago

    8:53 made me almost fall over from laughing so hard. That is some quality comedy

  • A M E R I C A N A 12 months ago

    MTG: “Everyone says this” – meaning all the other voices in her head.


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