Trump Lashes Out at Pence, Biden’s Bicycle Fall: Late Night’s News of the Week

Published on June 24, 2022

All the news and jokes you missed from the week of June 20.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • Edgar Soares 2 years ago

    Why do I know who wrote the pee joke?

  • Ron Hernandez 2 years ago

    Re the “peecycling” And that’s how New Jersey gets to be called the garden state… The garden state.

  • Mary McMahon 2 years ago

    I was born and raised in Toledo and when I could escape I did. I used to call it the Armpit of the US.

  • Otay Buckwheat 2 years ago

    I went over the handlebars of my bike when I was 20 years younger than that man.
    Accidents happen, which brings me to the need for abortion.
    Even if taxpayers were covering the cost of abortions which they aren’t, that’s a lot cheaper than covering the cost of an unwanted child in the system that the taxpayers have to cover for many years.

  • Mike Tracy 2 years ago

    Seth Meyers is a has been. A washed up comedian. Come on guys nothing said here was funny.
    Except the fake laughing audience who’s directed to laugh!!

  • Matt Holz 2 years ago

    The answer about what to hear that is better is: “I know”

  • Rik Riley 2 years ago

    Hi, long time watching, first time correction. Those meth sizes are just copy and paste and thus not differing in size.

  • RedBull Giants 2 years ago

    *Now with the recent economy, To get Financial FREEDOM you have to be making money while you’re asleep.*

  • Julie! 2 years ago

    I think maybe if you had hit the *over 19 million dollars* harder, they would have laughed for sure!

  • Fergus O'Hara 2 years ago

    Is the investment advice “don’t spend $19m on this!”?
    I mean, if you have a spare $19m you don’t need investment advice

  • compirate 2 years ago

    Supreme Court overrules NY anti-concealed carry, I’m sure they’ll be fine with people carrying in the Supreme Court building and around their homes. Just like where ever Trump is speaking (Can’t even have a toy gun 😉 Or apparently a pineapple!)

  • Steppenwolf 2 years ago

    The “radical left” says the orange con man grifter slumlord
    What about the radical right?
    They are fucking nuts

  • Jeff Alexander 2 years ago

    How dare you. RC Cola is amazing


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