Trump Blamed for Gutting Financial Rules After Silicon Valley Bank Collapse: A Closer Look

Published on March 13, 2023

Seth takes a closer look at the Biden administration trying to stem the fallout from the sudden collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, which has put a spotlight on efforts by the Trump administration to weaken financial rules that could have prevented the crisis.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • Steve Sepulveda 3 months ago

    comedy cuts through GOP BS

  • malcollie 3 months ago

    We get it. Trump sucks. Can you please cover a different topic? Literally anything else.

  • Hylian Fox 3 months ago

    Wally looks very natural in all that bling. That should become his standard getup.

  • Apex Predator 3 months ago

    bruh needs to chill

  • Alis 3 months ago

    Correction, first you said you yell when you need a graphic and then you mimed using the phone to ask for graphics
    And what a great moment at 7:48

  • RaymondKym Suttle 3 months ago

    Place your bets that another bank will be bailed out while hardworking people get shafted.

  • Brady Ervin 3 months ago

    #Correction I can’t confirm if Wally had 2 cameras pointing at him as I wasn’t in the room. But I can confirm that both shots of him were from one camera.

  • linkmadman 3 months ago

    From now on, I think they should surprise Seth during A Closer Look just to make him crack up!

  • André Mimoun 3 months ago

    Wally is very funny

  • Clown Hunter 3 months ago

    The country litterally cannot afford another Trump or republican potus

  • MjR 3 months ago

    Just like how trump get rid or disbanded the pandemic response team.

  • Christina Marie Ricks 3 months ago

    I love your show Seth! Charming and funny

  • William Lopez 3 months ago

    I’d still vote for Trump!!!


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