The Snapchat Pixy Review: Michael Kosta Definitely Understands This | The Daily Show



  • Cedric Quilal-lan 2 years ago

    I don’t know if its just me, but I think he doesn’t know how to use that gadget.

  • Brass Dog 2 years ago

    I want to see how durable it is.. film yourself swatting it out of the air for getting too close.. use another pixie to film the first one either surviving or going to pieces. If the first one breaks while the second one is recording, you can then send the second one back as a defective product claiming that it has PTSD from seeing its twin get swatted like a fly.

  • Eneov 2 years ago

    Smacktrap is actually a great app name

  • Dan Bee 2 years ago

    dumbest idea in history, burning money better

  • Dan Johnston 2 years ago

    sorry, — The” appeal” is using it to buzz in the face of a politician during a speech.

  • Matt 2 years ago

    Hah, it’s like Mark Zuckerberg with the metaverse, pretty funny

  • DAVE Smith 2 years ago

    Our country is being destroyed and this is what you talk about

  • Cancun771 2 years ago

    “What would Cartman do if he were 45 years old and working for Trevor?”

  • MLG GAMER 2 years ago

    I didn’t even know about this drone but I’m guessing that’s supposed to be for like taking pictures from different angles that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to do with a normal phone? I don’t know it doesn’t make sense to me and I’m a gen Zer

  • Matthias Suchan 2 years ago

    sponsored content without any disclaimer..

  • Psychchic 2 years ago

    Years ago I tried snap chat and I didn’t get it.

  • 215mookies 2 years ago

    My favorite athlete

  • Lizardguy NA 2 years ago

    I may be old, but even I understand the appeal of a tiny camera drone.

  • sisik19 2 years ago

    Interesting. So we went from a selfie stick to this? interesting


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