The “Normies” of January 6th | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on October 20, 2023

Filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi joins Bill to discuss her new HBO documentary, “The Insurrectionist Next Door” and the mob mentality behind the Capital Riots.

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  • Bill Michaels 4 months ago

    Buncha bull 💩

  • Bernard Rubble 4 months ago

    How does Brett Stevens escape criticism for attending a Hamas rally the day after Hamas mutilated and beheaded 40 children ? I mean there are people in prison , solitary confinement, some have committed suicide because they were in DC on Jan 6 . What’s the difference between that and Stevens attending the pro Hamas rally . I mean , “ The Squad” is purebred Democrat , not a Republican among them . They are cheering for the butchers that did these things . I didn’t think it was possible to hold Marxists Democrats in such disdain , but once again I was proven wrong . Anyone else shifting in their seats when the similarities between Hamas butchering 40 babies and the widespread Cornerstone of Democrat theology practise of killing the unborn is now front and Center ? Reproductive Health indeed . Maybe thats what Hamas should have called it .

  • WRCSpeakish 4 months ago

    Do any of you know what a real insurrection is? Insurrections include political hostages and demands, and ALOT of dead people. Jan 6th was a protest by way of role playing. Lots of hot air but not much happening. Of course you all know that but being whiny drama queens you prefer to run with “insurrection.”

  • dskwared2u 4 months ago

    All this talk about talking to the other side. Go sell crazy somewhere else because we’re all stocked up here.

  • Hector Raigosa 4 months ago

    That uncle doesn’t care.. so deep in rabbit hole one cant extract with an excavator.

  • Joe Malonski 4 months ago

    The normies are ill informed and need to grow up. Drumpf is a self absorbed chaos agent bent on destruction. If the people bent on destruction were not preoccupied with the Orange devil, maybe they could improve their own lot in life.

  • L.A. F. 4 months ago

    VVhat the .

  • Jeffrey Charles 4 months ago

    What a shit show. Of course they start with the “both sides” argument, then treat the January 6 insurrectionists like misunderstood toddlers acting out. They’re grown fucking adults, let them accept responsibility. And it’s not noble to have a deranged level of loyalty to Trump, Bill, it’s fucking insane. Stop trying to normalize this shit so you can play both sides.

  • Steve Douglas 4 months ago

    Nancy and the Democrats were behind it all. Dems can never bring up Jan 6th after the insurrection on 10/18 !

  • gr8god4u 4 months ago

    Most of my friends and acquaintances that are for Donald Trump still that after all that has happened. I am so willing to listen to them at Thanksgiving and even at Christmas. At no time are they willing to listen to me.

  • William Vorkosigan 4 months ago

    Talk about delusional. There was no insurrection. There was a riot. They only people setting fire to government buildings in the US is the left. Talk about causing the other of the things that you do. You are brainwashed by your own MSNBC etc.

  • Furry Bear 4 months ago

    I see the pathological lying crook has been fined for lying in court. Is he that dum,b not to know he can bs the America people in public but not in court. He said it was an inadvertent mistakes, only his pe,a brain maggot base will drink the coolaide 😂😂

  • Mark McArthy 4 months ago


  • Supersticio 4 months ago

    “Noble”…they are brainwashed!

  • Barry Morris 4 months ago

    Problem is, no one’s “Trumpy uncle” wants to listen to reason.

  • Eddie Henderson 4 months ago

    No mention of the violence from the summer of 2020?


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