The Best Of The 2022 Oscar Stars On The Graham Norton Show



  • TJScout 1 year ago

    Will Smith embarrased himself by hitting a grown man on international television. Can’t respect someone who can’t take a joke. It wasn’t even offensive.

  • j & n 1 year ago

    Remove the Will clip!! Shame to him! Come on Graham

  • flubber788 1 year ago

    Would anybody like to go on stage with me for a nice slap around the chops

  • Darlene Smith 1 year ago

    Great compilation of various actors and Oscar movies

  • De Stevens 1 year ago

    If Dave Chappelle had said that joke Will wouldn’t have got up to slap him no matter how many eye rolls Jada did. We all saw will was laughing at that joke til Jada gave him the look.

  • Khalilah D. 1 year ago

    I guess no one is going to let this go for awhile 😭

  • Cheri W 1 year ago

    Done with Will. He is a horrible person, who thinks he is special. He is NOT! He did not deserve an Oscar, or applause.

  • R. G. 1 year ago

    So people “cancel” jk Rowling for her opinion, but him HITTING CHRIS ON THE STAGE AND PEOPLE APPLAUDED HIM AND IT’S OK….THIS SHOWS THE HYPOCRISY OF HOLLYWOOD, where is a love each other, compation, blah blah….ew🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

  • Mirage 1 year ago

    Don’t mind me, just here to see what people will have to say about Will Smith being in the thumbnail and video

  • Ben 1 year ago

    I can appreciate the fact that your show does praise Will Smith but this was inexcusable – assaulting a performer especially a comedian is such poor human behavior – shame on him : (

  • Chad E 1 year ago

    Will ain’t a star no more

  • Stormborn 1 year ago

    Will Smith should NOT be given any attention. 👎
    You know, like sending a spoiled brat to their room. Stay there for awhile think about what you’ve done. In Smith’s case, couple years.

    Too bad someone like Muhammad Ali wasn’t telling that joke. Smith would’ve stayed in his seat. 👶

  • Alexis Waldhagen-Nordström 1 year ago

    Whatever Mr.Smith has achieved in his career – from now on, because of these 20 seconds, he will be the man who slapped another man at the Oscars.
    Until he dies.
    Quite a punishment.

  • Steve R 1 year ago

    Don’t have Will Smith on again until he completes an offender treatment program with polygaphs.

  • mgitts1977 1 year ago

    Came here for the judgy comments about Will Smith from the ppl who never reacted poorly or made a mistake in their entire lives… Love it!

  • Scooter Tramp 1 year ago

    This is not the first time Will Smith has been in the hot seat. Think back few years where he and his wife Jada shunned the Oscars because they wanted to see more black people get nominated. Most of the world thought that you got nominated due to a great performance. The Smiths decided to introduce the race card and create a system where you could give a second rate performance but still get nominated because you’re black. Smith and family are the perfect example of how not to behave and their stance on race actually increases racism by seeking special treatment based on being black which alienates all other races.

  • Costa Rica Jack 1 year ago

    Will Smith 100% wrong for doing what he did to Chris Rock. I wonder if he will be canceled.

  • WillPlays 1 year ago

    Why was the Will Smith clip the first one though?😂😂

  • Nasra Mohamed 1 year ago

    What he did was inappropriate for sure, but anyone saying they’re disgusted or could never be that person is such a liar. Absolute liars. It was a slap, Chris rock couldn’t care less about it and it’s not for any random fan to decide that he should lose his Oscar or be punished, when Weinstein kept his Oscar and half of Hollywood has done time for assault and worse.

  • Whatever 1 year ago

    Skipped the part with Will Smith (so at 00:06). That guy should not be given publicity after his physical attack on Chris Rock (and all for an admittedly tasteless and weak joke).


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