The Advice Jon Stewart Gave Kal Penn About Hosting “The Daily Show”

Published on March 1, 2023

Kal Penn got a great pep talk from Jon Stewart ahead of his stint as guest host of “The Daily Show,” which kicks off Monday, March 13th. Stick around for more with Kal Penn, and check out his new show, “Getting Warmer with Kal Penn,” streaming on Bloomberg Television.
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  • damnwereinatightspot 12 months ago

    Its a little fun to watch guest hosts to squirm

  • Tsar Fox 12 months ago

    Kal Penn is gonna host The Daily Show? Aw hell yeah!

  • Alec Maltz 12 months ago

    Crazy Idea: Stephen should get a guest host for a week while he guest hosts the daily show for a week.

  • Lord Of The Reels 12 months ago

    I hope they keep cycling weekly Daily Show guests and get weird with it. What would a Nicholas Cage hosted Daily Show episode be like?

  • New Message 12 months ago

    Fun Fact: Nicole Conlan, former Late Show writer, is now writing at The Daily Show.

  • HeirRose1 12 months ago

    I’d love for him to be full-time host. Sacha Baron Cohen would be my choice but he’s probably got bigger things to do. Handler was great too.

  • candycoatedchump 12 months ago

    It still catches me off guard that Kal Penn worked for the White House, but it’s cool to hear he’s gonna guest host the daily show.

  • James 12 months ago

    Wow! Kal Penn on The Daily Show? That makes all the sense in the world. So excited.

  • Chris Garrison 12 months ago

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  • Michael Sparkson 12 months ago

    Would watch again with him as the host. Trevor Noah sucked.

  • Even Flow Steven 12 months ago

    We need another Harold & Kumar movie.


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