Supreme Court REJECTS MyPillow Mike, Trump Weathers Tell All Storm & Herschel’s Concussion Defense

Published on October 5, 2022

Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees hit his 62nd home run of the season breaking the American League record, the Mets have dropped into second just in time for the playoffs, Trump is weathering the storm from a new book that came out yesterday by Maggie Haberman, in the book it’s revealed that Trump he took Marla Maples to her ex-boyfriend Michael Bolton’s concert just to assert dominance, after election day he started asking his aides out of nowhere about pardons, religious and racial sensitivities were not the administrations forte, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis put on his hurricane boots, Trump weighed in on the Herschel Walker abortion scandal, and we talk to the MyPillow man Mike Lindell (James Adomian) about the Supreme Court rejecting his request to throw out the $1.3 billion lawsuit by Dominion Voting Machines.


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  • Ron Leight 6 months ago

    What are late night writers going to do for comedy gold when the dotard, rudy, creepy pillow guy and all the others are INDICTED and convicted?? This stuff just writes itself, and the pubs deserve it all.

  • William Ray Benson 6 months ago

    I also would tend to say what a load of BS they spew forth by especially Newt Gingrich who was screwing around on his ex-wife who was dying of cancer with his present one., like he is a Christian any more than Hershal walker is or Gates is or Jorden is or Green is or Ted Cruze is or name me most of them the list is long and their omnipotent leader the one they follow the orange Jesus wow can they just give us all who really do worship God a break. I think they are all going to hell for what they have been trying to do to this country and professing to be Christians and could care less about helping young mothers with children nor the poor or the middle class in schools or making sure people earn enough to live on or to buy homes with. they only wish to help out the rich. They are even more worse than all of the corporate democrats. Someone should really call them out for all of their hypocrisies and using the term Christian or being for the boys in blue or for being for education or for being for democracy its all nothing but a big lie…..

  • AMG Guy 6 months ago

    That was very kind of Mike to show up to the JK Show…

  • Succubusisis 6 months ago

    The birthday hat on the python at the end was just 😘🤌

  • spinmrk 6 months ago

    I have known James Adomian for years and he is quite possibly the funniest person I have met. His impressions are so great! So happy to see him getting the airtime he so deserves!

  • Space Lemur 6 months ago

    Gingrich the Newt is as slimy as ever.

  • TV Dinner 6 months ago

    Doc Hollywood provided the dog.

  • David Read 6 months ago

    Interesting times when a Conservative spokesmouth declares boldly on Prime Time TV that a brain-damaged man with ‘secret kids’ and who pays for his side girlfriend’s abortions ‘more Chrisitan’ than an actual Chrisitan Minister … and is serious …

  • paul mitchell 6 months ago

    holy smoke this is not funny.

  • April Devine 6 months ago

    My question is, which pillow guy is crazier?

  • The working Dude 6 months ago

    Isn’t about time for Ginghreich to depart this earth?

  • Dawn A 6 months ago

    He may have CTE, They discovered in other foot ball players, which is a serious condition from multiple concussions. Causes, memory loss, irritability, and death. Concerning from someone who already has a violent history and says he has DID. WOW!! Dangerous possibilities here.

  • Linda Blue 6 months ago

    OMG Fake ML. Hilarious.

  • Taryn Tots 6 months ago

    I think Mike seems like a sweet guy who sadly seems to truly believe this stuff. He is so passionate in what he believes in no matter how misguided he is. I think if he finally saw God or whatever might change his mind and come back to reality I think he would actually be a good dude. There are so many crazy characters on the right and they are mostly horrible people but it’s hard to feel about Mike like the others. Mike is just a little off his rocker and gullible. He doesn’t seem to be vindictive. At least that is what I think but I could be wrong bc I haven’t seen everything he has done.

  • Wynona's Big Brown Dragon 6 months ago

    The Mike Lindell actor always kills it 😂

  • James Maxwell 6 months ago

    When Republicans riding a horse, they always getting on backwards

  • Andrew Byron Loveshire 6 months ago

    Lets hope Mike Pillow is always in the news so we can keep getting these Jimmy talks to Mike skits forever

  • Robert DeMitro 6 months ago

    Cute dog with the python ( dock puppet ) .

  • Greg Orchard 6 months ago

    Walker will just think it and boom! Everything wii be fixed..🤣🤣🤣

  • Tom the Yankee 6 months ago

    Mike lindell is a rejection of humanity.


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