Subway: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

Published on May 23, 2022

John Oliver discusses one of the largest franchises in the U.S., how their business model doesn’t always serve franchisees, and what it all has to do with Korean dramas.


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  • Sam the Magnificent 10 months ago

    As a Korean, I am absolutely thrilled by the K-drama of the ending. Accuracy of actors’ language, music, impression, chef kiss.

  • Tyler McCurry 10 months ago

    That awkward moment where Subway hires a pedophile as their spokesperson and it’s the least of their problems…

  • Machinima 2709 10 months ago

    Anybody else also wonder why there’s a Subway on like, EVERY military base?

  • HUM4N 10 months ago

    This is just another example of why we need to abolish the current corporate attitude. Amazon, Subway, Blizzard, Ferguson Enterprise (feel obligated to say I’m an employee). Strike fear into your employees and work them like dogs, rather than treating them with respect and giving them what they deserve. Money, money, and money are their ONLY driving factor. Why should a guy who talks to people and writes emails make $160,000 a year, while someone working 10 hour grueling manual labor jobs make $40,000?

    The scales are beginning to tip, people are becoming restless, no longer content and actually value themselves.

  • Deniz Kendirci 10 months ago

    The mock subway k-drama at the end was actually really engaging.

  • O.C. Kidd Kidd 10 months ago

    What’s happened to the writers?!
    The Korean Subway ad should have ended with the woman tossing her cookies and saying, “This bread tastes like dicks!”

  • Robert Santos 10 months ago

    So… SubWay is a 4D MLM

  • David Cohen 10 months ago

    You know how when you stand on the edge of a long fall, your body makes this weird signals for you to jump, like the depth is pulling you in? After watching this, I kinda have this urge to open a Subway

  • Digital_Kill 10 months ago

    If I got called a Lollipop after spending that much money I’d probably be in jail for murder..

  • Kutloano Dlamini 10 months ago

    I’m sorry that boy gave her NOTHING she carried that scene on her back 09:15

  • Yi Qing Tan 10 months ago

    Actually I love Subway. I have it on average maybe once a week. I don’t know how it is in US but here in Malaysia, I don’t think they are too near each other.

  • Jas Nevas 10 months ago

    Marie Antoinette: Let them eat Subway

  • Replicant 2049 10 months ago

    Free press!

  • NohjAnec 10 months ago

    I’m glad I haven’t actually eaten anything from Subway for years!

  • Mrs. Robot 10 months ago

    I literalyyyy can’t stand the smell of Subway 🤢

  • Learning2Live_ Broken&inChronicPain 10 months ago

    In my early 20’s I worked at a Sprint store in a strip mall. My store was right next to a subway. When I started my boss told me that we got a discount there on food and free drink refills. As a young kid starting out in life and living in my first apartment, I saw this as a great way to save money. So I’d eat lunch there at least once a week or more. It wasn’t the food itself that got to me…it was the smell. That Subway smell of the bread permeated our store. It lingered in our store all day, but it was the worst in our break room. The smell was so strong that we didn’t even spend time in our break room. It was so gross. I haven’t been able to stomach Subway since then. The smell makes me want to vomit.

  • Pvt Johnson 10 months ago

    I never go there cuz of the bread soft and nasty, that kind of bread should be light and crispy you’ll never get that at a subway

  • Jeremy B 10 months ago

    Time to go to Subway

  • Scott Jolly 10 months ago

    John Oliver used to be on The Daily Show and Murder, She Wrote


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