Stand-Up Comedy From Ariel Elias

Published on October 25, 2022

Jimmy saw a viral video of comedian Ariel Elias getting a beer thrown at her by a Trump supporter during one of her shows in New Jersey. Jimmy loved the way she handled the situation and invited her on the show to make her late night debut.

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  • T. S. Adrian 1 year ago

    Remember: vote blue in November or give the man who threw that beer at Ariel power over your life. Because you had better believe he will vote, and so will all his racists friends who dream of Donald Trump as Dictator for Life. Don’t fall into the trap that “it doesn’t matter” and “there’s no difference between Pelosi and McCarthy.” A Democrat may want a third type of bathroom in schools, but they’re not gonna tell a woman what to do with her body, and they don’t fantasize about killing people who aren’t their religion or color. Don’t give the bigots and racists in the USA an inch–or they will take it all.

  • joog79 1 year ago

    Ok, much better than I feared. She carried the act very well. Hope her carreer flourishes because of those braindead trumpians. Best revenge ever.

  • hector negron 1 year ago

    Sometimes you just have to say: “thanks God for hecklers”.
    All the best to you young lady. Be safe.

  • Jungle Lane 1 year ago

    Not bad for a Earl Jew from Kentucky.

  • Carmelo Quijano 1 year ago

    She was awesome! I was chuckling the entire time.

  • Hog 1 year ago

    That girl Earl did a great job Imo. I hope she has a successful career in the comedy business.

  • Mr Conlan 1 year ago

    I think the MAGA terrorist are only second to the Taliban

  • Patrick Thompson 1 year ago

    Nice. I like her!

  • JenJen CANNON 1 year ago

    Lovely xoxo great work Earl!!!

  • Mike's Organic Videos 1 year ago

    Thanks for reaching out to Ariel, Jimmy; I had seen the clip on YouTube, thought she was very cool. and HOPED a Late Night talk show host would give her a big break. Of course it was you. She was very funny. Thanks again.

  • Kyle Kay 1 year ago

    Yes! Kentucky girl!

  • Angel 1 year ago

    She was blessed by her enemy.

  • The Hound 1 year ago

    She killed it! Great job!

  • Keith F 1 year ago

    I didn’t feel it was that good but if she’s just starting out in the world of comedy, I’ll cut her some slack. I can’t name any right now, but I saw some comedians that started slow and went on to great success. Also kudos on taking down the heckler. I wouldn’t have drank out of the beer can. Who knows what bacteria that RETRUMPLICANT had growing in his/her mouth.


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