Sen. Chris Murphy – Finding Common Ground on Gun Safety | The Daily Show

Published on June 2, 2022

Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy shares details into the bipartisan gun reform conversations following the Uvalde shooting, how the once unbreakable gun lobby is now losing steam, and why the current Senate rules have restricted action. #DailyShow #Comedy



  • I. D. 2 years ago

    raise limit to 21. no a.r.’s. no psych patients with guns.

    “antidepressants aka SSRI’s are proven to cause suicidal ideation and violence by their makers who hid their own trials.”
    – dr. irving kirsch of harvard

    most shooters are white teenagers on “antidepressants”.

    ban guns.
    ban antidepressants.


  • Tony Geckler 2 years ago

    He is kidding right. This is it? Pathetic. Much more is needed.

  • snagh 2 years ago

    America must understand that NRA is above the congress is above the president, it has a power similar to the power of the Israeli lobbyists in Washington, laws and policies are made to their favour

  • snagh 2 years ago

    NRA is above the law , they are the law

  • Mary Sherman 2 years ago

    You can’t trust the R’s , they will say one thing to your face , and then stab you in your back. They won’t vote fir for anything that takes money out of their pockets.

  • Krist N 2 years ago

    Is Trevor the only host working anymore?? Wth are kimmel, Colbert and Fallon?!?

  • Karama kameon 2 years ago

    there is no common ground. The NRA wants to be able to sell as many guns to people as possible which is why they pay the GOP a ton of money. The GOP then peddles “the left wants to take away your guns” nonsense to their braindead gullible supporters to make this as political as possible and for them to keep buying more guns out of fear. They do is year after year. The only solution is to either bypass the GOP on gun laws or take out the NRA

  • Dr. Bear 2 years ago

    I don’t care about finding common ground with Republicans. I want Democrats to abolish the filibuster and pass the legislation I voted them into office to pass!

  • Arthur Martin 2 years ago

    The chances of sensible gun action really are minuscule aren’t they? Not like they started all that high in the first place though………

  • DJ Pomare 2 years ago

    School shootings only happen in America. 44 Americans are killed by other Americans each day.
    It’s not a problem with guns it’s Americans! Watching American media is like watching Dumb and Dumber.
    The US constitution has been amended 27 times since 1789 so it is pathetic to say amendments cannot be made.

  • ejb See 2 years ago

    So, we have a political process that is bought with money. How is this a democracy?

  • Tropical whiskers 2 years ago

    Remember Switzerland.

  • aaron joseph 2 years ago

    Google preban AR vs Post ban and tell me how it’s functionally different?

  • Seven Days 2 years ago

    this is the 1st time in my life i hear that being conservative is related to pro gun . American’s value n culture are hillarious

  • afrosom37 2 years ago

    I bet in 5 years or less their is going to be another mass shootings in america. They will never pass strick guncontrol. The gun manufactures are making tons money

  • Roxann Watson 2 years ago

    With all of the gerrymandering, voter suppression, lies and deceit from Republicans, don’t expect to hold either House, or Senate. We lost our nation. Vote Blue, lose anyway. Dems need to put party $ on those willing to speak out, speak up, and explain truth. Not the MTG they want our guns BS.

  • Gaasuba Meskhenet 2 years ago

    Raise the buying age to 21 or 25
    Make it a felony to leave weapons unsecured where a minor can access them
    No more sales to people with a history of domestic violence
    Buyback programs


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