Ronny Chieng’s Response to Jesse Watters’s Anti-Asian Racism | The Daily Show



  • G Forcke 2 years ago

    Great job Ronny !!

  • alpha bravo 2 years ago

    I really enjoyed that last clip.

  • Ralph Starling 2 years ago

    You can lay Jesse Watters and the Fox mess at the hands Rupert Murdoch and his son!

  • Kelsie Adams 2 years ago

    What a horrid piece, but very funny commentator.

    I quit watching when the loser from Fox kept asking questions in English to very old people. Like yea, of course they smile and don’t speak.

    In Fox’ defense, at least they used Me. Miagi and not Mickey Rooney as the Chinese man in Breakfast at Tiffanys.

  • Cassandra 2 years ago

    Incredibly racist of that reporter. Did he ever face consequences? I doubt it

  • Bonnie Cunningham 2 years ago


  • Bill 2 years ago

    “I’m from Queens.” Love that line. Watters is sac-less.

  • Daddy Chill 2 years ago

    We want more RonnyChieng

  • lolo c 2 years ago

    The thing is that the people he is asking don’t really understand him very well so that’s why they get stunt like reactions! the. language barrier

  • Joe BoomBots 2 years ago

    Welcome to America the land of racism

  • James McLaughlin 2 years ago

    You spelled fox wrong, its faux!

  • Eric Gendell 2 years ago

    That was hysterical!!!

  • TheOriginalThinkman 2 years ago

    Love Ronnie Chang! I’m a 3rd generation Ashkenazy Jew born and raised in a small Minnesota town primarily made up of Christian Scandinavians and Germans. I look like a total WASP so was privy to antisemitism which I sensed to be primarily based on ignorance rather than actual hate – still hard to listen to. Proud of my heritage, I was never shy about calling out bigotry. As someone who blended in, I never really faced the outrageous level of stupidity and hate aimed at more conspicuous cultures. But sharing the feeling of being an outsider (non WASP), I can relate to Ronnie. I’m thankful to Trevor Noah for his wit and wisdom as well as his well-chosen cast of reporters! I’m thankful to anyone who calls out Fox News for their malice and utter ignorance.

  • Ez-8 2 years ago

    Pure gold!
    They should do this on all faux news the day after it vomits its stupidity.


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