Rep #JeffJackson on why he thinks TikTok is a great platform to reach his constituents

Published on December 2, 2023



  • @andreashilkoff2132 3 months ago

    This man is an amazing human being! Thank you @The Daily Show for sharing a short of him!!

  • @jasonchrist2172 3 months ago

    We have free speech so we can speak truth to power. What truths can the people speak if they listen to yellow Journalism and dishonest politicians?
    Politicians&media are public servants & servants shouldn’t lie to their masters.
    Yellow journalism is to real journalism what WWE is to UFC – painfully orchestrated. All the old world orders have “Obtuse” in common.
    They call it “Feeding the machine”
    I say, they’re all the reason the West was politically correct in the first place.

  • @mamba8_24 3 months ago

    Love this guy. We need more of him in DC

  • @markcarey5673 3 months ago

    He did not answer the question. The question was, what does it say about our democracy that this is where the conversation is taking place? I would offer that engaging with your constituents on TikTok is only marginally less disheartening then creating an avatar and talking to them as they play World of Warcraft. Social media platforms or depressingly unserious places. That, is what it says about our democracy.

  • @makeracistsafraidagain 3 months ago

    Social media, yes.
    TikTok, no.

  • @timeisfluid 3 months ago

    That’s because tiktok is awesome and everyone is using it now

  • @persuasivebarrier2419 3 months ago

    i think tiktok is great, a great resource for entertainment. except when it comes to politics (like everything).

  • @gregdenson7544 3 months ago

    They’re wanting to ban TikTok because that’s where GenZ is organizing.

  • @kannwilk7805 3 months ago

    Awesome humane human he needs to be in higher office and a great advocate

  • @nattywho 3 months ago

    Like what he said…at least he’s trying to keep up with his constituents!

  • @orijimi 3 months ago

    What it says about our country is that in every industry, an American company will ultimately be overshadowed by a Chinese one running on funny money.

  • @backstabingpike 3 months ago

    Imagine if we had a free platform for everyone

  • @bigcatproductions2789 3 months ago

    Let the Chinese know us 🤡🤯

  • @ElizabethRowland289 3 months ago

    *Even with the current dip in the financial Market am still glad i can smile ☺️ back at my portfolio of $200,000 built from my months and weekly trade💯💯*


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