Questlove Challenged Jeff Goldblum’s Record For Longest Intro | Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend

Published on September 4, 2023

Questlove is such a big fan of the podcast that he already knew Jeff Goldblum held the title for Longest Intro, and he sought to challenge it.

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  • Xploration 9 months ago

    Keep cool my babies, keep cool

  • DichotomousRex 9 months ago


  • Amarpreet 9 months ago

    Oh Boy! The Tubberville interview was such a blast!

  • DD 9 months ago

    Something food related with Conan and quest with some music mixed in

  • Metjammer 9 months ago

    Gosh, this is pure anarchy. I love it…

  • Aizen Sama 9 months ago

    Conan, I assure you, most of us want you to bring Bill Burr back to the podcast.

  • Doan Nhat 9 months ago

    Questlove’s in the house

  • Azadeh Sa 9 months ago

    This episode immediately was added to the list of the episodes that i listen regularly. It was truly fantastic.

  • Andy Price 9 months ago

    Now I want a Conan political podcast

  • Daniel Campina 9 months ago

    This episode is one of the all time greatest. It was just crazy awesome.

  • trevonbach 9 months ago

    Best “friends” … is it Burr, Goldblum, QLove, Nealon, Carvey???


    Sona and Matt

    years ago people would speak of the howard stern show and the early first hour was the best because it was just them joking about their day or the news of the day. Conan Sona and Matt are the best as this three headed monster. I wish I could hear more of just them. Sona is darling, Matt is a goon and Conan brings his 7 foot body-guard to defend his inner child’s goofy ideas.

    Thanks for your work.

  • Shroom Movies 9 months ago

    We can feel you feeling good man! Karma and justice comes now or later 😀

  • Barro, Dexter II T. 9 months ago

    such a great episode! need questlove back asap!

  • Ketan Chotai 9 months ago

    The moment i started listening to this, i knew it was a keeper

  • TheMushTube 9 months ago

    Tuberville and social justice go together like Conan and shooting porno.

    …though I imagine a political podcast where Conan and Gourley inform Sona what the horrible GOP guest is responsible for and then let her go at them, no holds barred, would maybe be the best thing our mediocre lives could ever hope for. And I would call THAT social justice. Lol

  • Florian Adolf 9 months ago

    0:41 –> All subsequently following chesthair-shave related questions, adding: Did you use the Norelco BG 2038, though??

  • AaronSkenandore19 9 months ago

    An intro off

  • David Fountain 9 months ago

    It’s fine, Conan, you can say that Tuberville is a piece of crap. Even his own party is sick of him.

  • Athan Immortal 9 months ago

    If you’re someone that listens to the full episodes every so often, DEFINITELY LISTEN TO THIS ONE. Questlove is a real one. He’s such a fan of the podcast that when Conan was in New York, Quest was offered the chance to be on the podcast without Sona and Matt and he refused, he wanted to be on with the whole gang.

    He has some great references, and some really touching reasons for why he loves the podcast so much. The full episode is well worth a listen. You’re only going to get so much from the clips.

    This might be the best interview I’ve heard with him.

    Great guest. Looking forward to Questlove’s return.

  • ColinFilm 9 months ago

    Any time a guest does a slightly longer than normal intro and that bass drum gets repeated, I am overjoyed. Such a simple but effective addition to people’s intros and adds to the moment. 😁


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