Obama’s Flag Pin: The Worst Scandal in Presidential History | The Daily Show



  • Lazy Perfectionist 4 months ago

    “They just hate the flag.”

  • kevonicus 4 months ago

    Who? Who will not wear the ribbon?!

  • Tony Ayala 4 months ago

    Dont fuck up my suit!!! .flags are in the back

  • TheGrandy123 4 months ago

    🤣🤣 the good old days when the biggest scandal was a pin 🤣🤣

  • Babba Ganoush 4 months ago

    Many people say that this pin scandal was a clue to the exact moment in time when Obama began the traitorous plot to take down the Trump presidency. Due to his kenyan witch doctor roots he foretold the greatest landslide victory in the history of the universe when everyone said Trump couldn’t get 270, but he got 963 (or he would have if 52,000,000 illegal votes hadn’t counted). First Obama colluded with Russia to plant evidence. Then he kidnapped and brainwashed that Stormy Daniels and trained her to go after the poor virginous Donald. And finally, he time-traveled back to convert the left-wing commie Robert Mueller to register as a Republican so as to aid in the future takedown of he-who-should-be-acknowledged-as-dictator-for-life! I know all this because I have heard “many people” say this.

  • Bruce wagers 4 months ago

    Remember to wear red white and blue and anything patriotic if your a minority keep them deplorable’s confused which ain’t hard 😲. Take away what they think is there private club colors. Nothing worse for a Harvard grad to see all Americans wearing Harvard Harvard t shirts.

  • Jose Lopez 4 months ago

    What are pins??

  • oliveirasousabel 4 months ago

    I was also ashamed of that flag, if my country have done to the world what USA did, and does.

  • Freddo Flintstono 4 months ago

    OK, so let me get this right. Nobody was able to recognise him as the President because he didn’t wear his pin?

  • Urban Atheist 4 months ago

    Trump can literally fuck a puppy and smoke crack on the White House lawn
    Nobody bats an eyelash
    Amerikkka is a country of hypocrisy
    And racist idiots

  • Bobbie Ebert 4 months ago

    Fox news sucks!

  • Onyx Prime 4 months ago

    Little do they know, everyday on military bases around the world, Soldiers are speeding, hiding, and dodging 1700, just so they don’t have to get out of there car and salute the flag.

    How dare Kaepernick take a knee during the anthem.

  • AomiN 4 months ago

    you are just like North Korea, just instead of Great Leaders you worship piece of cloth

  • Mumtaz Mannan 4 months ago

    Lol everything is from fox

  • Greg K 4 months ago

    Flag gate, beige suit gate, coffee-cup salute gate. We got through one crisis after another with Obama. We dodged three bullets there, but we can celebrate a military parade (with tanks in Washington DC) honoring our President Trump and the ruling family this July 4th. Happy Trump of July to everyone!

  • willj78 4 months ago

    1:04 OPE

  • Scott Miller 4 months ago

    Ugh, I loved when Obama was president but I hated the way they treated him.

  • Magdalis Almodovar 4 months ago

    This is BS,you forget a flag and hes the worst, oh please, look at the narcissist 45 we have in the WH now, a corrupted, criminal, scammer, racist, hater and now a rapist and it’s ok for fox news..president Obama was hated and any stupid shit would call any attention.. but know they would give anything to have a real president back,instead we have the devil 45 in disguise.

  • Angela Carter 4 months ago

    They act like they are not hippocrates

  • Koniving 4 months ago

    Love how in the trump Obama image, Obama is wearing one but trump isnt. O.o


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