Nikki Glaser Sells Conan On St. Louis | Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend

Published on November 30, 2022

Conan talks about traveling to St. Louis to visit “Late Night” affiliates.

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  • Dennis Bunik 2 months ago

    I’ve been in the arch on the elevator, once it reaches the apex, the whole elevator, shifts to compensate and then you crap yourself…I rode the second largest wooden roller coaster in North America at knotsberry farm, people like riding in the end car because the back wheels actually leave the track, that arch scared me more

  • Geeksmithing 2 months ago

    The City Museum is SORELY misrepresented here! That place is incredible, way more than a “kids museum”!

  • Great Prime 2 months ago

    I love Nikki Glaser!

  • DeadRinger 2 months ago


  • Natey McBatey 2 months ago

    I love Nikki because she’s unapologetically herself

  • xXBDawkinsXx 2 months ago

    What’s there to do in St Louis In the winter?
    Seems like all there is to do is the Arch and museum

  • Dissociated Women Incorporated 2 months ago

    Man I wish I could be Nikki Glaser’s wife.

  • Eric Johnson 2 months ago

    I’ve been to St. Louis once when I was 15. Have never forgotten it because me and a few teammates witnessed a shooting. We were leaving a restaurant and walking back to our hotel when we noticed a car in the massive empty parking lot next to our hotel that was circling around another car. It did that for maybe 20 seconds but it felt like 10 minutes. Then we saw a gun flash and heard several shots ring out. We took off running to the hotel. Didn’t wanna catch a stray.

  • IdiotOnTheInterwebs 2 months ago

    St. Louis is great, but I don’t think most visitors find the coolest stuff. Arch is the lame first grade field trip. Forest Park or City Museum are the best tourist parts, but the food is amazing too. Recommend Pappy’s Smokehouse or any of the amazing Italian restaurants on The Hill. Just load up on ribs at Pappys unless you don’t like ribs. Salt and Smoke is another great bbq, but their best dish is their brisket, which is unlike any brisket I’ve ever had. Wonderful fat.

    If you like fried chicken and don’t mind it being a little too salty, I was addicted to Lee’s gizzards.

    St. Louis has always had an interesting music scene that doesn’t quite make it nationally most of the time or they move to New York to get famous (Miles Davis).

    Just remembered there’s a great German butcher called “G&W”. Stock up on brats every time I visit.

    Getting drunk on a riverboat is always fun.

  • i said maaayyybeee 2 months ago

    These 7 minutes are funnier than 90% of what’s happening on late night these days. Honestly even if this was the new Conan show I’d be alright with that.

  • desi oye 2 months ago

    Lord Fauntleroy.. HAHAHA

  • Blue Alvey 2 months ago

    Oklahoma City has become one of the most futuristic looking cities in the country. The fact that all the old white people keeping beating the “rida a horse!” thing to death around here, it’s so obnoxious. OKC is nothing like the rest of the state. We have more public art and dispenaries per capita, than any other city. We have the water taxi, the boathouse district, a total punk and hip hop district, which is called the Plaza District. We have the Oklahoma City Thunder. The people who keep trying to keep the cowboy mentality going, they don’t even live in the city. I live right downtown. My entire neighborhood downtown here and almost every business, we’re young and progressive and colorful, liberal. When I hear someone like Conan say they made him ride a horse, I cringe.

  • Freedom is a Choice 2 months ago

    Cardinal Baseball. Laclede’s Landing was epic when I was growing up. Now is a dumpster fire. Grandma lives in Forest Park on the hill and it’s great.

  • JMH 2 months ago

    In 1900 St. Louis was the 4th largest city in the US.. which explains why we hosted the 1904 World’s Fair (and Summer Olympics!) Forest Park was created after the WF left town.. and contains one of the best (FREE) zoos in America, one of the best (FREE) art museums, the oldest outdoor amphitheater west of the Mississippi and other cool areas. You should definitely check that out if you come back

  • elusivelectron 2 months ago

    You can go kayaking in an old glass mine just outside St. Louis. It’s called Crystal City Underground. The City Museum is a giant playground for adults. It’s a misleading name. The St. Louis Aquarium is ridiculously amazing. There’s a restaurant outside St. Louis in St. Charles County where John Goodman took Bruce Willis to eat. It’s a hibachi restaurant called Shogun. It’s my favorite restaurant. The St. Louis Basilica is an amazingly beautiful church that is amazing to go to. The St. Louis Art Museum, the St. Louis Zoo, and Grant’s Farm (General Grant) are must go to places. The zoo and the art museum are in the same park (Forest Park). Grant’s Farm is similar to the zoo but you drive in a tram to the center of the property and then explore from there. The park is filled with antelope, bison, and other wild animals that the tram drives through without barriers. You can feed goats, watch a bird show, watch an elephant show, ride a camel, see the Clydesdale Farm, and see some very old civil war antiques throughout the Farm. There’s also an incredibly awesome park called Lone Elk Park where you can drive through a park filled with elk and bison. There aren’t any barriers. There are also picnic tables that you can eat at with also no barriers. Do not get close when they’re in the rut (mating season). They get aggressive. Just outside Lone Elk Park is the Wild Bird Santuary that has birds from all over the world including a Kookaburra.

  • jcrib12 2 months ago

    Wait Nikki Glaser not talking about sex? Cant be her

  • Daniel Casson 2 months ago

    I don’t think I’ve ever watched a clip of Conan where I didn’t literally laugh out loud.
    Even moreso when he’s just making it up ‘off the cuff’ as in this clip, and his podcast, generally.
    Maybe he’s just got my particular funny bone on lock, but my opinion there’s no one else near his level of comedy today.

  • Andrew Smith 2 months ago


  • Rusty Madison 2 months ago

    They actually did a bit from time to time back on Late Night called “Pleasing the Affiliates”

  • Common Tater 2 months ago

    Sona’s Oh No! … Priceless!


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