Monologue: Let’s Go Brandon! | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on November 5, 2021

Bill recaps the top issues of the week, including the Democrats’ defeat in Virginia, new anti-Covid pills and the latest QAnon frenzy.

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  • Verde ICe 1 year ago

    Idk bout u all but seein the prez of the usa asleep is the cutest thing.

  • hawlikd 1 year ago

    Let’s Go Brandon, Let’s Go Brandon . . . !

  • goodmusic 1 year ago

    Get it straight McAullife lost in VA because he said parents have no place in their children’s education period and VA is about family, suburbs so we care about our children first! We told him he could shove it!

  • The Villain 1 year ago

    Isnt it funny how the left gets the word on what Qanon is going to do and what they are saying before the rest of us? Its almost as if they are Qanon.

  • Mason 1 year ago

    Yes, more of this. If every American watched Bill and CNN more people would vote Republican. Just keep doubling down on the racism schtick 👍

  • Sardonic Spartan 1 year ago

    Let’s go Brandon!

  • Lisa B in Hawaii 1 year ago

    QANON is a brilliantly successful plan by Trump to finally solve the “immigration crisis” = Make Americans look so batshit crazy that no one ever wants to come here again.

  • Jacob Gilbert 1 year ago

    ‘The economy is good right now’ his best joke in the video

  • Copernico Felinis 1 year ago

    It’s “let’s go Brawndo.”
    The thirst mutilator.

  • Drake London 1 year ago

    God, Bill Maher is one of the worst comedians ever. I don’t think I’ve ever even cracked a smile listening to him. Who are the people in his audience? Laughing gas patients?

  • john sprague 1 year ago

    Well… yeah, the market is up. Wages are up 4% but inflation is up more than 5%. So…. that’s not really things being better. That’s things being the opposite of better. There’s a ton of Covid money in the system. With dollars chasing products, we have inflation. In response, the morons have passed the Infrastructure bill full of pork which will pump MORE money into the system which will increase inflation.
    And they are celebrating their success. Not good.

  • Yutong Kang 1 year ago

    JFK Jr is a new one. Although RFK Jr is anti vaccine, you think somewhere they got it confused?

  • Wunkle 1 year ago

    Tesco branded?

  • Mike Wu 1 year ago

    Bill knows about Qanon right away but doesn’t know let’s go Brandon until now. 😂 I know you not that stupid bill. You just don’t want to help spread it until now because it’s desperation time to save the Democratic Party from socialist take over internally and republicans externally. Legacy Democratic Party will end existence soon once socialist take over the party converting everyone over. Then see if bill can come up with a joke for that. 😂

  • Timothy Burke 1 year ago

    I want a blue shirt that says THANKS FOR FIXING OUR BRIDGES BRANDON!

  • btdownloadking123 1 year ago

    Not the announcer, but a nbc reporter who purposely tried to prevent spreading FJB. Hey hey, at least both left and right are rooting for LGB now.

  • Owen Croslin 1 year ago

    Zero liberals can do any monologue or interview without saying trump… i literally bet my buddy 100 bucks he couldnt make it through 7 minutes without saying trump.. lol

  • Zach J 1 year ago

    The people really hate Brandon joke didn’t make sense… People say “let’s go Brandon” so that means they are cheering for Brandon, meaning his approval rating should be high. I get what Bill was going for, but that was a swing and a miss.


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