Monologue: Banking Bad | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

Published on March 17, 2023

Bill reacts to the top stories of the week, including bank failures, seaweed blobs and more in his Real Time monologue.

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  • terry boswell 2 months ago

    When your bank is run by Obama officials and Hillary Clinton donors then ya it’s gonna go under

  • Josh Reynolds 2 months ago

    This is meant to be comedy?

  • Go Away 2 months ago

    I wish SF had put forward a realistic/serious proposal for reparations. 90k/year, no debt, 5 mil payout, plus a (million dollar since its SF) house for $1 literally means you can retire inmediately, in comfort and style, and never have to work another day for the rest of your entire life. That is why it was not a serious proposal. The public is never going to accept that arrangement.

  • Nate Taylor 2 months ago

    The Reparations bit at the end….Reparations always confused me. I see ‘black’ people (who clearly have white in the family history) arguing for reparations…..does this mean they have to pay themselves?

  • Rex Everything 2 months ago

    What? Maher your the wokest lefty twat there is your clapping seals are irritating to say the least your much funnier when kyle dunnigans doing you,,,

  • CRS82 2 months ago

    Bill Maher is washed.

  • Dennis Mitchell 2 months ago

    Every time a corporation announces a profitable quarter, it should come with the announcement ” another woking success story”.

  • Basoene Douglas 2 months ago

    Reparations won’t work. Not like that. It basically says there’s a price for all the racism USA has done, it can no longer be used against them, they’ve paid the bull. And what happens to the white person that had a black grandfather or great grandfather?

  • Dean Smith 2 months ago

    Reparation for slavery – if they can prove that their grandparents were slaves , then they can be repatriated – by genetic assay percentages

  • Matris Gallus 2 months ago

    Who is clapping… a bunch of white folks worried other white folks will see them not clapping.

  • Derrick Whittaker 2 months ago

    I’m a bit surprised to hear Maher use the term “woke”. I’m still waiting on the definition.

  • anythingoriginal 2 months ago

    $5,000,000 to people who were never whipped or enslaved? nope. If so, i want my reparations from northern African countries for what the moors did to Italians. It was even longer ago so my family has hurt longer, I’ll accept no less than $10,000,000 and 2 houses.


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