Laura vs. Laura



  • revengefrommars 2 years ago

    Just watching her makes me lose my appetite. Problem solved, I guess?

  • JOHN SALAZAR 2 2 years ago

    Congo Hunger is a big problem

  • ein mensch 2 years ago

    So people who need help actually need help? Duuuude that’s crazy! That can’t be!

  • Deciding Different 2 years ago

    12 seconds of her is still too much for me…

  • Will White 2 years ago

    I wish she would learn to breath through her nose. Total mouth breather. Maybe she would keep her mouth shut more and make us all happy.

  • A P 2 years ago

    Now do Trevor vs Cuomosexual

  • Ehren Loudermilk 2 years ago

    Yeah, but you could do this with any two clips of anybody saying anything. As long as one of those clips is just them saying no. This is very artistically lazy.

  • Superb Media Content Creator 2 years ago

    The Republican motto: “it isn’t real till it happens to me.”

  • Kurt Barlow 2 years ago

    Hypocrisy is funny! Fox is almost as bad as CNN!
    Do Brian Stetler and Chris Cuomo next!
    No? No chance? Comedy Central is garbage.

  • Mike Zone 2 years ago

    When a large entertainment conglomerate creates petty edits, you know that the will of the people is winning. Stop being a bully CC. Change back to a comedy channel or fail. Your barking at the wrong things in order to save your ratings slump. You look desperate.

  • Sandrap Sandra 2 years ago

    Daily show used to be fun, i liked watching trevor, now it seems that they submit random videos ” in case of urgent need to keep in touch with the daily show” which of course is wicked.

  • D Man 2 years ago

    Do we believe Blondes are Dumb because of Fox News …. or are Blondes Dumb because they watch Fox News ?? If you are able to comprehend this question … you probably don’t watch Fox News …

  • Jim Johnson 2 years ago

    Another failed show like CNN, Trump 24/7 in your head

  • seeamfly 2 years ago

    Hindi meh Laura

  • El Loco 2 years ago

    Yup, spot on!

  • Ryan S. 2 years ago

    When in middle school, Laura was tasked w/ finding the weight of a particular object.

    “In pounds?” she asked
    Her teacher answered promptly, “No, Laura, ingrahams”


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