Jordan Klepper vs. Anti-Vax Mandate Protesters – Klepper Marathon | The Daily Show



  • Gatechsq 1 year ago

    Arguing with Jordan is like playing speed chess with a grandmaster when you only know how to play checkers!

  • Pea Oat 1 year ago

    The amount of toxins they ingest and inhale daily is no match for a flimsy vaccine! They do it all to own the libs. Such self sacrifice!

  • Maribeth Córdoba asprilla 1 year ago

    Don’t spread fear amongst human beings

  • Emily Speck 1 year ago

    The right when people were yelling at Trump staff at a restaurant/protesting outside their homes: STOP GOING UP TO POLITICIANS IN PUBLIC PLACES/THEIR HOMES!!!!
    Also the right: lets go protest in front of de Blasio’s home

  • Tonya Fagerquist 1 year ago

    Love it……

  • Toni Hill 1 year ago

    THAT $#!+ WAS FUNNY AS #=//

  • Enita Hofstrom 1 year ago

    It is just a bunch of babies who can’t have their way so they call it Facism or Communism. So disgusting grow up babies!!!!

  • Jtr Jesse 1 year ago


  • FireQueen 1 year ago

    Klepper: asks intro questions

    NY republican council office wannabe: …

    Klepper: asks another question

    NY republican council wannabe: how about we change places & I start attacking you?

    Sane people: …

  • daemonic 1 year ago

    most people are idiots and for some reason think anti mandate automatically makes them anti vax. the conservative/republican party has completely lost its head. the government has every right to mandate a vaccine to government institutions but it does not have the right to dictate to private business on how they operate. leave it to private business and create incentives thru tax rebates if they decide to have rules on vaccination to enter. create health insurance rebates for every employee who gets vaccinated. create liability laws that if you ignore public health safeguards in your business you can be sued for damages, just like serving spoiled food or using unmaintained equipment. if you make it about money every business would comply and then you would have republicans complaining about private businesses deciding how they operate. it would be hilarious to showcase the hypocrisy and maybe get them to realize the tea party has infiltrated them just like the alt left has the democrats

  • Trevor Snow 1 year ago

    Not going to a concert vs country genocide and death camps. Both equally as bad, of course.

  • Anthony Borderline 1 year ago

    I think they should just be called pro-Corona protesters.

  • MR_JUSTIN 1 year ago

    Well-edited to sway people a certain way. It was funny, I’ll give em that

  • Moonlight 1 year ago

    This video wasn’t even funny anymore. It’s so frustrating how delusional some people are when it comes to the vaccine, which costs more and more lives every day as the virus continues to spread because of these anti-vaxxers.

  • Politics will not save you ⚠️ 1 year ago

    Which continent is the least vaxxed and still has the lowest Covid numbers worldwide ? 💡💡💡

  • mugile 1 year ago

    I think humanity is heading towards a bright future. Natural selection FTW!

  • Darryl Elam 1 year ago

    I wouldn’t want to do Jordan Klepper’s job. Those people are unhinged and there is no telling if one of them will attack.

  • Space Y A G O Oat? ♡ best grill ♡ 1 year ago

    Toss them into the covid ER and see what happens 🤣

  • Ractopa-Frog 1 year ago

    It’s a shame to live with these idiods in the same country


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