John Cleese On How Monty Python Invaded America | CONAN on TBS

Published on May 3, 2022

(Original Airdate: 11/18/15) John details the early days of Python in the US, from their PBS roots to their rock star concerts.

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  • Dennis_Brok 9 months ago

    This guy is perfect as adolf hitler in a comedy movie

  • wyliehigh 9 months ago

    I loved watching Andy slide one in and make John Cleese genuinely laugh. Really cool moment:)

  • Grok Effer 9 months ago

    Mr. Cleese has been one of my favorite entertainers for a long time. I hope he and his family and herd of large cats are all doing okay. 😸🐅🐆

  • Lynn Canada 9 months ago

    Shrubbery ❤️

  • Medical StudyBuddy 9 months ago

    Thanks Conan for making me Google John Cleese to make sure he didn’t die….

  • FINALxxxPUNCH 9 months ago

    John Cleese is 6’5″?!

  • CanadianShieldMan 9 months ago

    If anyone gets that book theres very very little about python in it but its still amazing to read. So many hilarious stories.

  • Elaine D 9 months ago

    I genuinely get scared now when i see a clip of an oldie.. Thankfully all ok with the wonderful John Cleese.

  • Tommyr 9 months ago


  • BobBigWheels 9 months ago

    Love how Cleese involved Andy in his interview. Normally people just talk to Conan and don’t get Andy involved. Andy is amazing.

  • MightyCarlosLP 9 months ago

    i love john cleese, my father showed me his comedy films and monthy python
    wish my father would meet him some day, but first i hope he recovers well from his fever 🙏

  • Paul Thompson 9 months ago

    Living Legend

  • John Minarik 9 months ago

    He will also teach you how to defend against an attacker using fresh fruit as a weapon. Should set him up with TFG.

  • Chris Johnston 9 months ago

    When Holy Grail aired on KCET (the PBS affiliate in Los Angeles) during a pledge drive in the late-70s, with Graham Chapman presenting, I was in my mid-teens, and my parents sat me down to watch it.
    I had very bad asthma, so laughing too hard was very dangerous for me.
    That night, I inaugurated my “Phlegm Factor” system for rating comedy, of which that film achieved a perfect 10.0!

  • net-rioter 9 months ago

    PBS has an educated viewership…thats why it worked. If it was on a primetime station back then, they wouldnt have got it and it would have failed miserably

  • Clay 9 months ago

    And I would watch all 40 days

  • Thomas T 9 months ago

    Andy once again steals the bit. With a Pythonesque quip no less.

  • Joy Kraft 9 months ago

    For as much as people bag on PBS their programming is top notch. Educational entertaining and groundbreaking ps huge John Cleese fan!

  • Ryan Smiley 9 months ago

    Fawlty towers is a masterpiece!

  • Richie Cuna 9 months ago

    yes everyone once in a while ill hear a good song from when and think well that got 6 years to get to me lol


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