Jimmy Kimmel’s Wife Molly Gives Away His Crap

Published on February 20, 2021

After 11 months in lockdown, Jimmy’s wife Molly has decided that he has too much stuff. So, much to Jimmy’s dismay, she came up with a game to help with that in the first and probably last round of “Win Jimmy’s Crap!”

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  • Aden john 2 years ago

    Feed ur wife

  • Random Benign Guy 2 years ago

    bruh, Jimmy really overachieved right here, good for him

  • Teri Henri 2 years ago

    Went to college with Molly.. glad to see she’s still got her wit.

  • NPearl M 2 years ago

    I was soo early. Hey Jimmy, Hey Molly 🙂 after watching this segment I think I should get rid of some of my (hardly-ever-use) stuff too actually

  • aa dxb 2 years ago

    Best show my friend, I too need a wife just like her

  • self discarded king of ruin 72 2 years ago

    Molly has great comedic timing as well lol

  • Ginna Le Vine 2 years ago

    Molly is the MVP

  • William Lopang 2 years ago

    I wouldn’t have got any of those questions right, lool

  • Tomasz Kus 2 years ago

    Wow…Molly is great!

  • Pamela Timmins 2 years ago

    That was hysterical, thank you Molly and contestants on “Who wants to win Jimmy’s crap”; I do, pick me pick me, please.

  • Alexis C 2 years ago

    “AND I’M GOING TO SMOKE POT WITH VIVIAN!” is exactly the kind of energy we need right now, Jimmy! Nice catch.

  • Kiskaloo 2 years ago

    Did you spot the dirty bugger behind Molly at the start of the video? Anyway, you’ve given me an idea as to what to do with all the crap my daughter left behind when she moved out and seven years later is still cluttering the house.

    Let me assure you, people don’t hate America because of Jimmy’s shoes.

  • Sandra Bovair 2 years ago

    Omg she is great love this!


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