Jim Gaffigan Loves His Five Children, But Admits: “It Was A Mistake”

Published on February 16, 2023

Devoted father Jim Gaffigan jokes about the joys of parenthood, which can be challenging with such a large family. Stick around for more with Jim Gaffigan and check out his new film, “Linoleum,” in theaters February 24th.
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  • New Message 1 year ago

    I can get out of a chair ok… but the car? Oof.

  • ThisisRictor 1 year ago

    Always think of your broadcasting comedy bits together in “The Love Guru”, when I see you 2 on the show.
    My favorite was Jim and children during Covid doing “Let’s get Cooking” clips on youtube

  • Kaspers Liepins 1 year ago

    No kids… and no regrets. Retired 30 years ahead of schedule. Built a personal library with some freelance in-house feline librarians to maintain some loose semblance of structure.

  • Liam Collins 1 year ago

    Remember that bit in the movie Knocked up when they’re in Vegas and Seth Rogan is watching Cheaper by the dozen and he describes it as sick. This is a sick movie. That’s a lot of responsibility to be joking about. And Paul Rudd is off his t1ts on magic mushrooms and he’s playing with all the different size chairs.

  • Maler Vik 1 year ago

    ask stephen how epstein island was

  • jennbeth1 1 year ago

    I feel exactly like him these days. I’m always exhausted.

  • William Jones 1 year ago

    I come from a family of six kids. I am number four. We never all went on vacation. Six kids on vacation means 8 changes of clothes every day, 8 meals 3 times a day = 24 meals a day, 24 bathroom breaks (healthy bowels), snacks, all traveling in a VW bus. Keeping track of 6 kids, 2 adults and one dog. No wonder Dad built us a cabin in the woods by a lake. We always knew where we were going and how much it was going to cost. I would get car sick and have to stop either to throw up or just to take a break. But after I was sick, I felt fine and was ready to continue. Those were the best years of my life.


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