Jack Antonoff on His Albums with Taylor Swift and Lana Del Rey and His Celebrity Lookalikes

Published on December 22, 2023

Jack Antonoff talks about his wedding with Margaret Qualley, looking like Andy Samberg, Fred Armisen and Rick Moranis, and people not thinking that music is a viable career option.

Late Night with Seth Meyers.

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  • @LaurindaSwartzbeck 4 months ago

    I turned it on in the background while I was doing my own thing, great😻

  • @harper7509 4 months ago


  • @NewMessage 4 months ago

    Seth has his doppelgangers too… Master Ken from Enter the Dojo, for instance. I mean, if Seth worked out.

  • @rockanroleropr3467 4 months ago

    When did Andy Samberg start a band? 😂

  • @bubblesezblonde 4 months ago

    thanks Seth. Lovely interview

  • @DeathlyTired 4 months ago

    OK, Seth, listen, Jack Antonoff is coming on tonight, and has requested just one thing: under NO circumstance are you to mention, or in any way draw attention to, what is in the disposable cup that he carries around with him everywhere like Linus and his blanket. Capisce?

  • @ericminch 4 months ago

    I think I probably would have enjoyed this interview of Antonoff if Fred were not in it, so I had to leave it around the mid-point.


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