“It Has A Little ‘F*** You’ In It” – How Robert DeNiro Helped Make “New York, New York” Iconic

Published on April 5, 2023

Theater legends John Kander and Lin-Manuel Miranda talk about the 1977 Martin Scorcese film, “New York, New York,” and what happened when Robert DeNiro gave notes to Kander on one of the film’s big musical numbers. Stick around for more with John and Lin-Manuel, and check out their new Broadway show inspired by the film, playing now at the St. James Theater.

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  • m shaw 8 months ago

    i reckon it was sinatra who established the song worldwide as we don’t have any other frame of reference, i’ve never seen that dinero/scorcese film & i thought i’d seen all of them? obviously it was liza’s appearance that put me off, as a singer myself i reckon she never held a candle to her mother’s voice & i’m a friend of dorothy’s.

  • Matt 8 months ago

    wow he looks amazing for 96 and seemes very with it

  • Julia Nelson 8 months ago

    With Colbert, Kander, & Miranda, you just know everything’s gonna be alright.

  • Kenneth Welch 8 months ago

    Still sharp as a tac.

  • Jordan Eyre 8 months ago


  • Lorena Flores Agüero 8 months ago

    Made me miss my grandpas… the wisdom in the way he was answering. the patience and the softness but strong words. Protect this man.

  • steve conn 8 months ago

    New York is so expensive it’s lost much of it’s character except for yuppies and some lingering seniors found at museums.

  • charles vorones 8 months ago

    John Kander!!!!!! I listened to Cabaret when i was a kid and never thought after all these years that i’d actually see him on TV 53 years later. What a composer!!! He’s given us so many great tunes!! Thank you, John!!!!

  • Rob Vespa 8 months ago

    This is so heartwarming. We need more of this.

  • podoherty2 8 months ago

    I would disagree with Kander on only one point: Enemies live here too but, like New York, we agree to disagree and just get on with it

  • Tara Sunshine 8 months ago

    96! lol holy. Thats amazing.


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